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Where are Sean Fitzpatrick and Michele Zammitti now in relation to the murders of Chester Roberts and Michael Zammitti Jr.?

Love and envy are two powerful emotions that have often prompted people to commit horrific acts of violence against one another. That is exactly what happened in the case of Michael Zammitti Jr., a young father who was shot dead in his Wakefield, Massachusetts office in March 2006. Chester Roberts was unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong moment, and he lost his life as a result.

The show Nightmare Next Door: Death Takes a Toll, airing on Investigation Discovery, tells in great detail the story of a series of complicated relationships that ultimately led to the tragic deaths of two people. The program also discusses the time-honoured motivations of love and jealousy. The next step is to find out who committed the crime and where they are right now, so let’s get started, shall we?

Michael Zamitti

How did Michael Zammitti Jr. and Chester Roberts die?

Born in Wakefield, Massachusetts, Michael A. Zammitti Jr. AKA Mike Zammitti was the son of Michael A. and Patricia (LeFave) Zammitti. Mike’s interest in his father’s profession began while he was still at school. Mike Sr. owned and operated Allstate Concrete Pumping Inc., a large excavation contractor, and Mike Jr. After school, Mike worked at a concrete pumping company while the rest of his friends played with their friends. Before he was old enough to apply for a driver’s license, he had already acquired the necessary skills to drive the large commercial vehicles.

Michael did not go to college but was immersed in the business with his father, Michael Sr. Soon Allstate Concrete became a father and son operation run by Michael Sr. and Michael Jr. Mike, a calm and non-confrontational person, met Michele Begin, a soft-faced truck driver, while Mike was working at the airport. Michele drove a van. They eventually married and had three children: Julia L., Maria L., and Michael A. Zammitti, III. They fell in love and decided to get married. Mike’s purchase of a vacation home in Freedom, New Hampshire, just around the corner from another of his parents’ Lake Ossipee properties, marked the beginning of a successful new chapter in the family history.

On the morning of March 13, 2006, the Zammittis and their part-time driver and handyman Chester Roberts were scheduled to report to their office at 17 New Salem Street in Wakefield at 8am. However, Michael Sr. was delayed to answer a telemarketing call and arrived a few minutes later than expected. When he entered the office building, he discovered the mutilated body of 51-year-old Chester in the garage. Michael Sr., obviously upset after making the find, called 911 to report it and rushed to the second floor where he found his son Michael Jr. dead, shot in the face. Michael Jr was 39 years old.

Both victims were shot dead with a 16-gauge shotgun, according to autopsy results obtained when police arrived at the scene. Mike had been shot not once but twice in the face while Chester had been hit in the back. From the characteristics of the injuries, detectives were able to deduce that Mike was the primary target of the attack, that Chester most likely faced the perpetrator or perpetrators coming down the stairs. He was shot in the back for trying to run away, which is why the wound was there.

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Who was responsible for the murders of Michael Zammitti Jr. and Chester Roberts?

After investigators learned that a threatening letter had been sent to the Zammittis some time ago, they initially suspected that a competitor of the family was behind the assassination. They came up with the theory that Michael Sr. might have been the intended victim, but since he was late, his son Michael Jr. was the one who had to deal with the consequences. Unfortunately, none of the leads turned out to be correct, leaving the police little choice but to focus on Mike’s family and friends. It was Patricia’s realization that led investigators to a new interesting person, which ultimately led to the successful resolution of the case.

One of the investigators explained: “Michael Zammitti Jr.’s mother had informed us that there was a person in Freedom, New Hampshire named Sean Fitzpatrick and that she had once seen her daughter-in-law in a hug. Sean said she thought so.” felt inappropriate for a married mother to have been in it.” Michele admitted that she and Mike were having an affair, although Mike was away for work most of the time and Sean spent most of the time together at their home in Freedom.

Sean was prepared for the cops to question him because he prepared two alibi statements before they arrived. He stated that his lifelong neighbor Gert Ducharme saw him around 9am on March 13, 2006, making it impossible for him to have committed the double murder he is accused of. As a second plausible explanation, he also claimed that he was woken up in the morning by a phone call that served as his alibi. However, when authorities checked his cellphone records and spoke to his neighbor, they uncovered evidence contradicting his claims. Gert told officers she saw Sean between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., although Sean’s cellphone records show he didn’t turn on his phone until 9:45 a.m.

The inconsistencies served to bolster his position as a suspect in the investigation. On March 29, 2006, police went to Freedom to investigate a series of suspicious burglaries, one of which involved the theft of a 16-gauge shotgun from Michael Srhouse. .’s Cops spotted a green extended-cab Ford F150 pickup when they were looking at Sean’s neighbor’s apartment. Investigators had found a vehicle that appeared to be identical to the one they were looking for when they reviewed surveillance video from the scene of the incident.

Fred Martin, a former Marine who had lived in Florida all his life, owned the truck and had been there all along. On the morning of the murder, he checked his E-ZPass account and discovered a transaction. In addition, authorities discovered a recording on Fred’s transponder that said the same thing, and the detectives confirmed that the killer had used this car. Sean, who had become the prime suspect in the double murder, declined to provide any further assistance to police during their interrogation. On the other hand, the police arrested him for driving with an expired license and were able to take his fingerprints in the course of the investigation.

The Zammit family had received a threatening letter and they found that the fingerprints on that letter matched the fingerprints they found on the letter. They also collected DNA from a condolence card Sean had sent to Michele and found that it matched DNA found in Fred’s truck, even though Fred never allowed Sean to get into his truck. On June 6, 2006, Sean, 44, was taken into custody and charged with double murder in connection with the incident.


Where can we find Sean Fitzpatrick at this time?

In August 2008, Sean Fitzpatrick was tried for the first time; However, the court ruled that the trial was a mistrial because the jury was unable to reach a decision by majority vote. He was tried for a second time in February 2009 and a Middlesex Superior Court jury ultimately found him guilty of first-degree murder on both counts. He was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, neither of which included the possibility of release. He is currently serving his sentence at Massachusetts Correctional Institution – Shirley, according to authoritative documents filed with the court.

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