Watch: Udaariyaan Latest Written Updates 9th March 2023 Advait Makes Harleen Injured

Hello, all the Udaariyaan enthusiasts, finally your favorite and highly anticipated TV show is all set to make you feel overwhelmed, as the Thursday, 09th March 2023 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with some over-the-top activities. Because Harleen is looking ahead to make Nehmat and Ekam pair as she wants to see them together. Therefore, she asks Nehmat to be with him during this period so that, all their misunderstandings of them can vanish because she knows they love each other and still have feelings, so therefore, she wants them to come together as a couple.


Meanwhile, Harleen goes to meet Advait and makes him understand the circumstances and that he should take his step back and leave Nehmat, as she deserves to be with Ekam not with him, and therefore if she will see him again near Nehmat so she will do something that he will never forget till his last breath. Advait replies that if she does not know anything so she also does not have a right to speak about his matters with Nehmat because he knows how to handle the circumstances so thus if someone needs to maintain an arm’s distance so it is her.

At the same time, Advait pushes Harleen into the iron shed and due to force she gets fainted on the surface in a certain manner no one had even imagined, meantime, he mentions that she should leave the globe as well. Because he wants to remove her presence as she has ruined his life along with her mother and therefore, now the moment has arrived when she will leave the world and therefore, after making her senseless he sets her into the Holi Dehan woods so that, when it will be started burning so Harleen can also burn while receiving the death.

Later, Nehmat comes to know that Harleen is remaining disappeared for a very long and therefore, she is getting worried about her thus, she is going to find her as soon as possible because she should be here because it is a festival and therefore, she will need to celebrate it with the entire family as they are waiting for her. But Ekam stops her by saying that she will come for sure, so she does not need to worry as she will be on her way to catch the spot. So watch it on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.