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Twitter reacts as Iowa rolls the Southeastern Louisiana Lions to the opening of the 2023 NCAA tournament

I think I can speak for the whole Hawkeye Nation when I say this BOY we needed this one!

Just a day after the Iowa men’s basketball team was eliminated from the first round in a mock away game against ninth-ranked Auburn, the women’s team was right there to pick us all right back!

While the top seeds on the men’s side of the world can’t seem to figure out what they’re doing, the women have no problems at all. South Carolina, Maryland and Notre Dame all blew out their opponents in spectacular fashion. The Hawkeyes continued and joined the party with a 95-43 win over Southeastern Louisiana.

Although the Lady Lions entered this competition with all the confidence in the world, Iowa made sure to make their mark with this win. Everything you wanted to see from the Hawkeyes was there.

Caitlin Clark and Monika Czinano were their usual dynamic duo. Iowa shot the ball well from deep, hitting 40% of threes and having some Nice ball movement.

The Lady Lions, meanwhile, couldn’t do anything about a highly motivated Iowa defense. They shot 25.4% from field and 18.2% from depth. As a team, they scored fewer points than Clark and Czinano combined. Not ideal for winning.

After feeling miserable after a disappointing end to the men’s season, this was a fantastic way to get Hawkeye Nation back on track. Here are the best reactions from a cheering Iowa fan base.


And she is definitely her

Not sure how to dribble this

“And I took that personally”

Isn’t it something…

Steph Curry with the shot!

Come to a city near you

It doesn’t work

do you think it’s loud

But that quickly escalated

Pretty good half!


CC do CC things

Just have fun!

Definitely not afraid

What a feeling!

It’s always Fran!

Is it good?

Not ideal for SE Louisiana

Move up!

Story originally appeared on Hawkeyes Wire