Top 6 Chatbots for Dating via Telegram

The advent of messengers has made life much easier for all Internet and smartphone users. The developers of these applications don’t rest on their laurels. Huge audiences that communication programs cover can organize communication using any bots. Now every self-respecting messenger has a lot of built-in bots, opens channels and communities.

In the popular Telegram messenger, you can find various channels that meet the interests of users. And, of course, the messenger didn’t leave those who are looking for mail-order brides or a soul mate without the attention.

Bots and Channels for Dating on Telegram

Not everyone likes to load their gadgets with numerous different applications. Many people like it when everything needed is collected in one place. So, Telegram tried to satisfy its users with this feature. Here are the most popular channels and chatbots for dating in Telegram.

●    Lovestory

Lovestory has very simple functionality. The bot has an auto-scrolling of profiles function. Just one click is enough to start viewing potential partners. The bot is equipped with spam protection. A very nice feature that doesn’t allow you to write in private messages without the user’s permission. Spam protection hides not only the username but also the phone number. The bot has another function — roulette or blind dating. It involves opening a personal profile if the interlocutor sinks home. But it doesn’t oblige the latter to do the same.

●    @camilfoclub_bot

A service for people who know exactly what they need. Men want beautiful and smart girls. Girls — successful and wealthy men. Service for sponsors and kept women. Relationships here are formed only by convenience. Maybe someone falls in love, but the history is silent on this matter.

●    @matchmaker_bot

To launch the bot, you need to check the app settings. It just won’t work if the username isn’t indicated. You must upload a picture. By the way, the picture can be absolutely anything: no verification is made.

●    @meetyourlove

The service has very primitive functionality. But this is only good, as the ease of operation attracts a huge number of users. The channel’s feed is full of profiles of people who want to get acquainted. For your profile to appear in the feed, you need to send a request to the administrators.

●    @VirtualGirlfriendBot

The bot selects interlocutors randomly but taking into account the country in which the profile is registered. The bot has a warning about the age category. The chances of getting to know each other and starting a real-time conversation are very high. Communication starts very quickly, you don’t have to wait.

●    @yopsme_bot

No one will see your real username and phone number. So, privacy is at the highest level. The main purpose of the chat: a selection of the interlocutor, communication, and the possibility of a real date. The functions of selecting the interlocutor are gender, age, orientation, geolocation, which can be disabled at any time so that there is no binding by location. The personal profile that other users will see contains the following information: avatar, age, city, orientation.