TikToker warns about virtual kidnapping scam using fake caller ID and photos

A virtual kidnapping scam has been terrifying people on the internet as a TikToker warns all about the same. With the advancement in technology and some of it getting in the wrong hands. We have got many getting scammed due to the same. But what’s making all concerned the most right now is all about virtual kidnapping scams. But what is this scam all about?

Read ahead to know more about TikToker warns virtual kidnapping scam targetting many.

TikToker shares virtual kidnapping scam experience

In the past, there has been technology evolved to a great level. Which certainly makes life easier and often troubling too. Yes, some scammers have been using the latest technology in ways to scam people. We recently got to know about the virtual kidnapping scam.

A TikToker Bethroyce came up to share her experience with this new way scammers have been taking money from users. In this scam, the victim believes that the scammer has kidnapped someone and is asking for ransom. Falling for this often victims end up giving huge amounts as well.

@bethroyce I feel the need to tell everyone I know about this. Literally the scarriest moment of my entire life #scam #scammers #scammed #hostagesituation #trauma #phonescam #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ #viral ♬ original sound – Beth

What exactly happens in the virtual kidnapping scam?

TikToker Bethroyce herself had an experience with a scammer where she received a call that looked exactly as if her sister was calling. However, on picking up the call she could hear a man asking her to give him a ransom of about $500.He even told TikToker that he has just gotten out of prison and wanted money to get back to his home.

Not just that, what made the situation out of control for the TikToker was when she could hear in the background the call someone sobbing. Falling for which she gave the money asked by the scammer. However, later cops were informed about the same and it was not a real kidnapping though.

How to prevent falling for such scams of virtual kidnapping?

Although, with the rise in cases of such scams there has been guidance on how to not fall for it. Yet, the rise in such scams still grows. Meanwhile, with the new virtual kidnapping scam everyone has been shocked as one gets confused between a real contact and a scam one.

But one can however hang up the call and call right back as that will go to the actual contact then. While many are shocked at this scam. Some have even expressed their concern about how it could get worse with deepfake voice and video technology.

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