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The Most Instagrammable Restaurants in Lafayette, Louisiana

You can find a lot of food on Instagram. A lot. And it’s all because we love to share what we do on social media — where we are, what we do, who we do it with — and that includes our dining and cooking habits.

Because we love to eat and share what we eat with the world, there are many restaurants that put a lot of effort into their presentation. And when you get those meals, sometimes it’s really hard to eat them. They just look so cool.

Here are the restaurants that put an effort into presentation and keep people (with their camera phones) coming back.


Tsunami, located in downtown Lafayette, has some of the most beautiful records you will find anywhere. Part of what makes sushi restaurants in general so appealing is the plating and creativity that goes into the presentation, and with all the different styles that Tsunami offers, it’s a very eye-catching experience every time.

Cafe Vermilionville

Cafe Vermilionville is a locally owned, award-winning culinary venue serving fantastic food. But the overall ambience – from the plates of the dishes to the historically designed interior, which reflects the time of its origin – really puts you in a good mood. From stepping in to the final drop of the fork and paying the bill, it’s a real experience.

Löffler water point and restaurant

Spoonbill is a cool downtown restaurant set up in a remodeled Conoco station. It’s a trendy place with a unique interior design and an exciting variety of food choices. From the bibimbap pictured above, to the Commander in Beef Burger, to the wild array of drinks (like the tropical “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a” — yes, that’s legit), it’s the Spoonbill’s unique take on food and atmosphere that makes it a place doing where people like to hang out on your social media page.

Central pizzeria & bar

Unconventional in its pizza recipes, yet located in the heart of downtown, Central is a place where you and a group of people can enjoy some unique twists on this classic meal. Their style may look like a traditional pizzeria, with pizza ovens and a busy staff, what you are presented with is anything but traditional.

The French Press

For breakfast or lunch (or brunch if you’re feeling brave), French Press is in an older building and they’ve kept that vibe inside. But while the interior feels classy, ​​the food consists of pretty bold takes. The Cajun Benedict (pictured above) is just one such dish. There are so many great options that you will come back for many different pictures.

Social southern table & bar

The Social Southern Table & Bar is a very modern eatery with a fun layout and an excellent menu. Their interpretations of wings, burgers and other dishes combined with their own creations make them a place you have to try at least once. However, once will not be enough and you will quickly find yourself keeping the option open for a future visit.

Ruffino is by the river

Ruffino’s is a classic Lafayette establishment that offers fine dining with great options and a superb building. But it’s the outside view that makes the restaurant’s vibe picturesque. Enjoy a great meal on the deck overlooking the Vermilion River.

vestal virgin

Vestal is another restaurant that combines fine dining with beautiful presentation to create a dining experience you’ll love to eat (and snap a photo or two of for memory). It is clear that they take great care not only in the cooking but also in the presentation of your dish, taking it to a whole new level.

That’s all?

Certainly not! The best thing about the local restaurant scene is the variety. You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for great food and you can always share what you have in front of you. We love seeing what people like to eat in Lafayette!

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