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The Kardashians 'borrowed $132 million' to fund their lavish lifestyles

The Kardashians are arguably the most talked about family on the planet, and of course with this, comes a huge family net worth, however, it has been reported that despite the millions in the bank, they still took out loans for their luxury homes.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have created billionaire empires with their beauty empires along with the help of momager Kris Jenner. They’ve been on our screens since 2007, and they pop up on our Instagram feeds numerous times a day, and it’s now claimed they may be more ‘relatable’ than once thought.

We take a look into reports on The Kardashians home loans.

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The Kardashians ‘took out loans’ for their homes despite huge net worths

Despite their huge net worth, The Kardashians have allegedly taken out massive loans for their homes The U.S. Sun reports, which add up to $132 million combined. The information comes from property records obtained by the publication.

The publication reports that the richest sibling, Kim Kardashian had taken out a $ 48 million mortgage on the $ 70 million Malibu property she bought in September.

As for momager Kris Jenner, it’s reported that she paid for her most recent home $ 20 million home. However, it’s allegedly a whole different story for the house that was the main home on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The home was bought in 2010 for $ 4 million which was her long-term place for years and featured heavily on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She reportedly borrowed $ 2.4 million in October 2015 and $ 2.11 million in March 2018.

The publication claims she borrowed more after this, which took her borrowing up to $62.21 million. This was reportedly secured by the property and her other assets.

The borrowing was reportedly done through trust deeds, however, property records don’t show whether a ‘deed of trust’ has been paid back. Therefore, Kris may have repaid some of the loans by March 2023.

Kylie Jenner is also said to have taken out $ 7.5 million, similar to Kourtney Kardashian at $ 7.45 million. Kendall Jenner‘s is reported to be the lowest at $ 4.625 million.

GRV Media and Reality Titbit have contacted a rep for The Kardashians for comment

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The Kardashian family net worth

The Kardashian empire obviously has a huge net worth but exactly how much is each of them worth? Kim Kardashian has a net worth of $1.2B as per Forbes, and as fans would expect, is the richest of them all. Below, we’ve listed the net worth of all six moguls, reported by Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth.

It’s estimated that as a whole, the family has a net worth of around $2B.

Some fans think the ‘loans’ are smart

Despite receiving backlash, the family has also been branded ‘smart’ by some fans. Taking to a TikTok explaining the reports, one fan wrote: “They are smart, they know what they are doing.”

Another said: “The secret is never to use your own money. That’s how you become a billionaire.”

“If I’m ever rich, I’m doing it their way. They’re smart,” penned another.

However, some didn’t agree with the ‘smart’ comments. “Cancelled with a K,” one fan joked.

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