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The Bachelor's Zach 'said one thing and did another' with his final three

The Bachelor season 27’s fantasy suite dates are tonight, so who are the final 3 ladies who have landed some private time with Zach Shallcross?


After eight episodes of eliminations, Zach Shallcross has whittled the 30 contestants to just three. Last week saw The Bachelor jet across the nation to meet his potential in-laws.

The episode kicked off in Vermont for Gabi Elnicki’s family, before heading to the Big Apple for Ariel Frenkel’s loved ones. Zach, 26, was put in the hot seat with her brother, Bobby, who remained skeptical until the end.

The next stop was Columbus, Georgia with Charity Lawson, before heading back to his home in Austin, Texas, which is coincidentally where Kaity Biggar also lives.

Reality Titbit recaps who was eliminated from the chance at love ahead of the juicy fantasy suite dates tonight.

THE BACHELOR – 2708 – This week, Zach returns to the United States and sets off on a cross-country adventure to meet the families of his four remai…

Who are Zach’s final 3 picks on The Bachelor?

Zach’s top three are Gabi, Ariel, and Kaity, meaning Charity was booted from the ABC show despite bravely admitting she was falling in love with him at the end of their hometown date.

The pair loosened up on the dancefloor in Columbus, but things took a turn at the eighth rose ceremony. Their final scene showed a tearful goodbye as Charity, 26, remained hopeful about her love life.

“It makes no sense to me,” she explained. “Sometimes that’s just the way life goes, and it sucks, but it just means I’m one step closer to finding who I need to be with.”

‘I said one thing and did another’

With the fantasy dates, we’re wondering how busy the pairs will be getting.

The trailer hints that Zach headed into the dates not to explore sexual connections, but ended up making a mistake by “saying one thing and doing another.” That being said, we don’t know how clever the producer edits are, so it could be out of context.

Reality Steve dropped spoilers that Gabi, Ariel, and Kaity were the final three in November 2022, meaning he’s been in the know four months in advance.

THE BACHELOR – 2708 – This week, Zach returns to the United States and sets off on a cross-country adventure to meet the families of his four remai…

Zach’s final pick has been predicted since February 2023

If you don’t want to know who Zach’s chosen contestant is, we suggest you stop reading now.

Speculation about who won The Bachelor has circulated since February, and according to Reality Steve, Kaity Biggar received the proposal in the finale in Krabi, Thailand.

The 27-year-old from Kingston, Ontario was allegedly photographed holding the final rose.

A Bachelor spoiler Instagram account, however, claimed Gabi had won Zach’s heart, but seeing as Reality Steve correctly tipped off about the final three, fans are putting their faith in him.

One Reddit fan “secretly hoped” it wasn’t Ariel or Charity as they would be great Bachelorette material, and their prayers have been answered. Charity is confirmed to be taking charge of The Bachelorette season 20, which she deserves for opening up this season.

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