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Teen Mom UK star went to A&E as she 'didn't believe' positive pregnancy test

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A brand new series of Teen Mom UK Next Generation is arriving on MTV in 2023, where we get to meet a whole cast of new moms, with new stories to follow.

The MTV show has been on our screens since 2009, and we were graced with the spin-off Teen Mom UK in 2016. Since then, we’ve been introduced to moms including Kailyn Lowry, and we’re about to be introduced to five more.

So of course, we found all the new moms and their Instagrams, so you can get to know them on a more personal level throughout the show.


Chloe is 19 years old and has a 15-month-old daughter, Elizabeth-Hope.

She says the first challenge she had to overcome as a mom was convincing everybody else she could do it.

The Teen Mom star can be found on Instagram @chloe.elizabeth_elliott


Angel is 18 years old and her son Teddie is aged one. She says she has no words to describe what meeting her baby for the first time was like as it was just ‘magical.’

She says her advice for first-time moms is to “do it your way.”

Meet Teen Mom UK Next Generation cast member Ellie

Ellie is 19 and has a three-year-old son called Tommy.

She revealed that she cried when she found out she was pregnant as it was ‘amazing and scary.’ She thought her life was over but then realized it was just getting started.

The Teen Mom UK star can be found on Instagram @ellieee.jonessx


17-year-old Whitney has a four-month-old boy named Khalil.

When Whitney fell pregnant at 16, she couldn’t believe it. She revealed she even went to A&E after her positive pregnancy test to double check as she was in disbelief.


Isha has a one-year-old son, Arlo.

She says meeting her baby for the first time was “the best gift someone could ever give you.” She also said having her son was “the best choice she ever made.”

The new series of Teen Mom UK Next Generation will air from March 29 2023, so we’ll get to know the cast and their stories more then.

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