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Tammy Slaton's 'amazing' weight loss gains her a famous admirer

Tammy Slaton has been impressing fans on her Instagram with her weight loss progress, and it seems she’s gained a new admirer in Bachelorette alum, Josh Seiter, who has also taken a fancy to sister Amy.

Josh Seiter first appeared on The Bachelorette, however, he didn’t have much luck as he was eliminated on the first rose ceremony, and it seems like he’s now trying his luck with the 1000-lb Sisters star.

We take a look at what Josh Seiter has been saying to Tammy Slaton and why some fans aren’t impressed.

Josh Seiter ‘flirts’ with Tammy Slaton on Instagram

Taking to Tammy’s most recent selfie, Josh simply commented: “Gorgeous.” However, the compliment did not go down well with some fans.

“Please don’t start on her too,” wrote one.

“Stop! Your intentions are not pure. Leave Tammy alone. Go hit on another reality star,” another exclaimed.

However, others were quick to defend the star. “I think this is a very nice comment. I am not sure why people are getting nasty over your gorgeous comment. She is worthy of a nice comment.”

Josh seemed to appreciate the response, as he replied: “yes that’s true.”

Taking to his own Instagram, Josh wrote: “Thank you to @thesun for this article. As they point out people can be so mean! All I did was leave a supportive comment and I’m being crucified for it. Be nicer people. I’m not a clout chaser.”

Tammy wasn’t the only one Josh Seiter has taken a liking to, he’s also been complimenting her sister, Amy Slaton. Taking to his Instagram he shared a picture of the star with the caption: “I love my girlfriend but these colors look good on Amy.”

The Bachelorette star’s ‘girlfriend’ got involved

Some may call the comment ‘harmless’ however, one follower took the opportunity to tag Josh’s Love After Lockup ‘girlfriend’ Glorietta in the post.

“@glorietta_xo so you’re still with this man?!” wrote one follower. Glorietta then went on to explain the status of their relationship:

“We broke up a week ago. My papi was saying we’re together still and he was saying we have an open relationship after that but we were not. However, I feel more confident today that we are moving in a positive direction.”

Josh and Glorietta’s relationship came after he split from 90 Day Fiance alumni Karine Staehle.

Tammy is married to husband Caleb

The TLC star wed her husband Caleb in November 2022, and the two are still happily together, despite some questioning his absence on social media.

However, in the 1000-lb Sisters star’s latest TikTok, where Tammy showed off her impressive weight loss, she also included pictures of her husband Caleb.

Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham met at an Ohio-based weight loss center when Tammy was admitted for her food addiction in 2021.

Caleb had been at the facility for around a year at the time, and Tammy reveals she got to know him when her stay was extended due to a serious trach infection.

The couple got engaged in October 2022 and wed just a month later.

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