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Tamar Braxton's lawyer fiance Jeremy Robinson has five children after Marine Corps medal

Though it only dropped yesterday (March 16) Queen’s Court is already making headlines as one of its stars gets engaged! That’s right, in the search for love, Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend became her fiance in the series finale. But who is Attorney Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson who has won over the singer’s heart? We explore his life, net worth, and more.

Peacock‘s latest dating show is proving it’s a success as Queen Tamar Braxton not only found a relationship but a life partner in Attorney Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson. In fact, she wasn’t even the only one! Her co-Queen Evelyn Lozada got engaged to LaVon Lewis after finding love on the show.

The entirety of the series dropped yesterday. Clearly, it’s one fan’s are going to need to binge so that nothing more gets spoiled.

Peacock’s Queen’s Court is lucky in love

In the new US reality tv show, three famous women look for love by being introduced to 21 hopeful bachelors. After some masked parties, one-on-two dates, and some cooky challenges, the Queens will choose their King.

In its first series, singers Tamar Braxton and Nivea are joined by Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada are looking for love. These are our Queens who, with the help of hosts Holly Robinson-Pete and Rodney Pete, will date the suitors. As turbulent as any other dating show, the ten-episode run of Queen’s Court shows the ups and downs of not only dating but finding love when you’re famous.

Although you’ll already know the end result for Tamar and Evelyn, there’s still plenty of reason to watch the show, now streaming on Peacock.

Who is Tamar’s fiance, Attorney Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson?

Tamar’s boyfriend-turned-fiance is a personal injury and criminal defense attorney who owns his own group, JR Law Group. Clearly a successful man, he is also the CEO of the company, Rags 2 Riches Logistics.

In the 1990s, Jeremy enlisted in the Marine Corps. He credited this as turning his life around after a turbulent adolescence. Raised by a mother addicted to heroin, he has two felonies and gold teeth by age 16. We can’t imagine he thought he’d ever ask Tamar Braxton back to marry him back then.

On his success, the attorney told Shoutout Atlanta that his “grit, determination, and drive is second to none.”

Whilst in the Marine Corps, Tamar’s new fiance was awarded an AirStrike Flight medal after surviving a rocket-propelled grenade attack. Now helping others as an attorney, Jeremy uses this determination and resilience to help his clients.

Like Tamar, Jeremy has children from previous relationships. The Grammy-nominated singer has a son Logan, who is 9, with ex-husband Vincent Herbert. The two split in 2018.

However, Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson has 5 children from 4 different women, something he spoke openly about on Queen’s Court. He admitted that two of his “beautiful children” happened when he dated multiple women. However, he is “decent and cordial” with all of his kids’ mothers.

Clearly not an issue for Tamar, she accepted his proposal on the Queen’s Court finale by telling her fiance “Now you got to tell my son and my baby daddies.”

Tamar Braxton and Jeremy Robinson’s Net Worth

Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend-turned-fiance does not have a known net worth, however as his relationship with the singer blossoms, we’re sure more will be found out about him.

Currently, Tamar has a reported net worth of $3 million. This is from her career as a singer, actress, and her time on US reality tv.

When the show finished, viewers had a 6-month update on the couple. Clearly besotted with one another, the two are very much still together and making progress with their wedding plans. After watching their relationship on Queen’s Court, fans will be crossing their fingers they’ll be able to see the eagerly anticipated ceremony!

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