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State launches online resource portal for small business owners in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana has launched a new digital platform to connect entrepreneurs and small business owners with resources to help them start and grow their businesses.

Louisiana Business Hub ( brings order to the often chaotic search for information, networks and resources that are the lifeblood of every small business. Visitors to the site gain access to a searchable database of resource providers across the state offering a wide range of services from business planning, entrepreneurship training and business consulting to sales and marketing, human resources and more.

Louisiana Economic Development will maintain the website, which also features a statewide calendar of events with information on conferences, webinars and other events of interest to entrepreneurs at every stage of small business ownership.

“LED is proud to support this statewide network that will help Louisiana entrepreneurs access the resources they need to build and grow their small businesses,” said LED Secretary Don Pierson. “Louisiana is home to thousands of small businesses that are the heart and soul of our state’s economy. With the support and collaboration of our local and regional partners, LED strives to provide founders with the tools and resources their businesses need to reach their full potential. This new platform can empower them to take the next step, whether it’s applying for a loan or preparing to expand into new markets.”

Louisiana Business Hub is organized regionally, with separate landing pages for each of the state’s eight business regions, with a lead organization for each region. The Northeast, Northwest, and Capital regions will be the first regions to be fully populated with resources.

Launch Network, led by the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program in Shreveport, supports efforts in the Northeast and Northwest regions. OneSource, led by Nexus LA in Baton Rouge, will drive the effort in the capital region. The Lafayette Economic Development Authority and One Acadiana are working with LED to fully open the Acadiana region later this year. LED will work with other leading organizations for future launches in the Bayou, Central, Southeast and Southwest regions.

“The Louisiana Business Hub will be the support network our business community has been waiting for, and this is just the beginning,” said Dave Smith, executive director of the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program. “If you are a non-profit organization providing service to a business at every stage of its journey, you should join our movement.”

Louisiana Business Hub is built on the SourceLink platform, a nationally recognized program specializing in online community tools. Since its inception, SourceLink has helped nearly 200 entrepreneurship and community development initiatives define and achieve their unique goals for success.

“This collaboration heralds a new era of entrepreneurship in the Baton Rouge area, and we are excited to be one of the first regional hubs to offer this service,” said Na’Tisha Natt, Director of Marketing and Engagement at Nexus LA. “OneSource will make it much easier for entrepreneurs to identify and leverage the tools, information and resources they need to start and scale their businesses.”