Smooth, organised voting arrangement at Jabi road 

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Voting at Jabi Road Polling Unit 009 Kaduna North local government area of Kaduna state was made easy following organised arrangement by the residents in the area. 

There were three tents in the area one for the electoral officers and men, one for women and the third for youth. Names has been written and numbers listed once a voter comes he will be given a number and find a place to sit waiting for his turn to vote. 

Hassaruna Gau one of the organisers said the trend has been on for a long time, adding that the tents are provided by residents and they get paper to write names as numbers. 

“The tents were provided by Mubarak and that is how we have been doing here. Once voters come we get paper and write their names then we assign numbers we have numbers 1 to 56, then we continue from 60 upward then for ladies we call five ladies and three men to take their turn and vote but when elderly people or people with disabilities come they are given priority according to the electoral law.

“There was poor turnout because during the presidential election materials arrived late that was why many people are yet to come.”

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