Seplat Energy refutes racism allegations against its CEO Roger Brown

Nigerian energy firm, Seplat Energy Plc, has denied racism and favouritism allegations made against its Chief Executive Officer, Mr Roger Brown.

In an emailed statement to Nairametrics, the company claimed that the allegations were “orchestrated” and “clearly calculated to spread false information.” 

The statement also stressed that Seplat Energy will engage with Nigeria’s Ministry of Interior to clarify the allegations. In the meantime, it continues to vehemently refute the negative impressions created by the allegations.

Seplat’s account of events: The statement, which was authorised by Seplat’s Independent Chairman Mr Basil Omiyi, further clarified that the disgruntled stakeholders did not even inform the CEO about their grudges before involving the Ministry of Interior. Part of the statement said:

  • Seplat Energy Plc has become aware of a news report following a letter regarding the residency status of its Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), Mr Roger Brown.
  • “Seplat Energy wishes to refute the false allegations against Mr Brown, which have been presented to the Ministry of Interior and the public by certain petitioners, and which have not been brought to the attention of Mr Roger Brown or Seplat Energy for a reaction. The orchestrated media reports are clearly calculated to spread false information. Seplat Energy will be engaging with the Ministry to reject the impressions created by these allegations.”

Seplat’s Board is behind Rogers: The statement emphasised that Seplat Energy’s board of directors has expressed full confidence in Mr Brown.

The board described the allegations as a “spurious and vindictive reaction” to the enforcement of corporate governance standards at the company. 

The statement also highlighted Mr Brown’s “unblemished record of service and leadership in the Company” over the past decade.

In the meantime, he continues to discharge his duties and responsibilities as CEO, albeit from Seplat Energy’s UK office. 

In case you missed it: Nairametrics reported that Mr Brown’s visa, work and residence permits were revoked by the Nigerian Ministry of Interior following the allegations.

The report also noted that Seplat Energy is enmeshed in a court case instituted by concerned stakeholders over the matter. The outcome of the court case is still being awaited.

What you should know: Seplat Energy is a Nigerian independent oil and gas company listed on both the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. The company has operations in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region and holds interests in several oil and gas fields in the area.