SEE: Man Dressed as a Bed Goes Viral for Sitting with Avril Lavigne and Tyga at Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week with Avril Lavigne and Tyga’s new blooming love is making their fans happy about them however it’s the man dressed as the bed sitting next to them that didn’t go unnoticed. More than the new love birds Tyga and Avril Lavigne, it was a rapper next to them as a bed that’s making all react the same.

Read ahead to know more about the man sitting next to Avril Lavigne and Tyga as the bed in Paris Fashion Week goes viral on the internet.

Avril Lavigne and Tyga are the new love birds grabbing attention at Paris Fashion Week

Avril Lavigne was previously in a relationship with singer Mod Son with whom the news came out that she even called off her engagement. Post which she was rumored to be dating Tyga. Which later got confirmed as well. But it was during Paris Fashion Week that both Avril Lavigne and Tyga grabbed everyone’s attention.

After the duo was spotted kissing each other, both Avril Lavigne and Tyga came for the Paris Fashion Week in a black outfit. The duo wore black leather outfits and looked stylish with each other. However, at Fashion Week it was someone else besides them who stole the show.

A man sitting next to Avril Lavigne and Tyga grabs the attention of all

As both Avril Lavigne and Tyga were taking the limelight at the Paris Fashion Week. It was a man sitting next to them who went on to seek most of the attention on the internet. The man sitting next to the new couple in bed was internet users’ favorite to talk about at the Paris Fashion Week.

In the viral clip on the internet showing the man a bed next to Lavigne and Tyga was Estonian rapper Tommy Cash. Although he looked as if he was sleeping on the bed, he simply was sitting with his hair on the pillow spread. Along with that he also had his night routine care accessories like face mask and cucumber too.

Netizens react to the man sitting next to Avril Lavigne and Tyga

While the Paris Fashion Week had lots of things you couldn’t take your eyes off. Apart from the new pair of Avril Lavigne and Tyga, it was the man next to them as a bed that just stole the show. Netizens have been thus reacting to him.

On social media one of the users wrote “After successfully networking at Paris Fashion Week, this person was discovered and booked to star on their very own TV show- “The Walking Bed”. The viral video of the man certainly began a whole new meme fest on the internet that made all react the same.

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