Scene ‘secure’ after person barricaded inside Evanston apartment brings police, health care professionals – Chicago Tribune

Officers and health care professionals haved secured the scene where an “emotionally disturbed” person was holed up inside an Evanston home containing firearms Friday evening, Evanston police said.

Late this afternoon, officers “made entry” into the individual’s apartment in the 900 block of Michigan Avenue, police said in a statement late Friday.

The person was “not present,” and the area is now secure. Roads were reopened and police cleared the scene. A smaller police presence remained as the investigation continues.

There were no shots fired but the presence of firearms inside the home and the assessed emotional state of the individual prompted the soft lockdown for Lincoln Elementary School, which is in the immediate vicinity, as a precautionary measure.

The lockdown was then expanded to include all Evanston K-12 schools and daycares after the police investigation indicated the individual may have entered the downtown area.

A shelter-in-place order has not been issued, and police do not believe there is a danger to the general public however, community members are encouraged to contact the Evanston Police Department at 911 to report any safety issues or suspicious behavior, according to the statement.

The initial investigation indicated that the individual involved may have fled the scene prior to officers’ arrival, or may have returned to a unit inside the building.

The ordeal started about 3:30 p.m. at an apartment building at the Michigan Avenue address, police earlier tweeted.

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