Sabatino Durante’s shocking revelation: Osimhen most beloved Napoli star in Brazil

The Nigerian international is one of the most adored players in Naples, and it appears his influence has reached the bounds of the football-mad South American nation

Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has become the most beloved player for the Italian club in Brazil, according to Sabatino Durante, a FIFA agent specialising in Brazilian football.

Sabatino Durante made this claim during an interview with Radio Marte’s Forza Napoli Semper show (via Tutto Napoli)

Durante praised Osimhen’s performance, saying he deserves the title of the best foreign player in the Italian championship, awarded to him. Osimhen’s 21 goals and four assists in 26 appearances across all competitions have helped Napoli run away with the top spot in Serie A and reach the knockout rounds of the UEFA Champions League.

The FIFA agent also spoke highly of Osimhen’s work ethic, calling him a lion on the pitch who leaves no stone unturned.

Durante believes that if Napoli can manage to stay top in the Scudetto race, they can give everything they have in the Champions League, with Osimhen leading the charge.

What has been said? 

“Osimhen deserves the title of the best player in the Italian championship, awarded to him by the foreign press because he is one of the architects of this Naples that is enchanting the world,” Durante said.

“In Brazil, the most loved Napoli player is Osimhen. I, who prefer technical players, really like Kvara. Osimhen has grown a lot and is a decisive player, and he certainly still has room for improvement. He is a lion; he leaves no stone unturned, and as long as he is on the pitch, he goes for all the balls.

“The Scudetto-Champions League double can happen. If Napoli can manage the advantage to win the Scudetto, they can give everything they have in the Champions League. Napoli will get to the quarterfinals.

“And when you’re there, dreaming costs nothing. Sure, winning is never easy. But you can dream and Napoli can and must pursue this dream.

“This then is the year of Maradona, Argentina and Naples and the favourable wind must be fully exploited.”

Durante’s assertion that Osimhen is the most beloved Napoli player in Brazil underscores the player’s growing popularity in the country. It is a testament to his skill and the impact he has made on the club’s success this season.

The Super Eagles striker was, a few hours ago, named the AIC Player of the Month for February.