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Raquel Leviss still hooked up with Tom Sandoval 'with her ex there'

Tom Sandoval’s and Raquel Leviss’ affair rocked the reality TV world, and of course, fans want to know when they first hooked up, and the timeline of when they got together after a number of allegations.

Although the affair was revealed at the start of March, it has been alleged that it was going on for quite some while. Vanderpump Rules fans are now putting together pieces on things they had looked past on the Bravo show beforehand.

We take a look into what Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval have revealed about ‘Scandoval’ and when the affair may have begun.

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Raquel and Tom allegedly first hooked up on ‘guys night’

Although neither one of the pair has opened up about when they first hooked up, rumors suggest that it may have been on ‘Guys Night’ in Skybar in Los Angeles.

Jamie Lynne and guest Kael Ramsey-Ackerson addressed the scandal on their podcast and say they believe the affair began during the ‘boys’ night’. The event occurred while some of the women were on vacation in Las Vegas, for Katie Maloney’s ‘divorce party.’

Raquel returned from the girl’s trip early along with Charli Burnett, and joined in on boy’s night, with Tom Sandoval. Raquel’s ex, James Kennedy was also in attendance.

Ariana revealed that as soon as she returned from the girl’s trip, her dog Charlotte had to be put down.

Ariana Madix’s dog passed away at the start of August 2022, so if rumors are true, the affair would have been going on for 7 months before the pair got caught.

In October 2022, Tom dressed as Raquel for Halloween, which fans can’t believe, now they know what they do. The occurrence even had fans comparing him to Tristan Thompson, with one writing: “not even third trimester Tristan Thompson would go as his mistress for Halloween.”

Raquel says all will be answered at the reunion

When asked by TMZ how it all started with Tom Raquel said: “It started off as a friendship and then turned into something more.”

The interviewer then went on to ask Raquel the all-important question of when she did in fact first hook up with Tom Sandoval, however, she said all will be addressed at the reunion, so hopefully, fans will find out exactly when they got together then.

After the taping of the reunion, Andy Cohen took to his Instagram to reveal that ‘nothing was left unsaid’. As of yet, Bravo has not released an official air date for the reunion. The Vanderpump Rules midseason trailer recently dropped, so it isn’t expected to air for weeks if not months.

Tom Sandoval ‘regrets’ cheating

In a video obtained by Entertainment Tonight after the reunion was filmed, Tom was asked whether he would go back and change everything.

In response, he said: “Hindsight’s always 2020.” He then continued: “It’s like when you look back at a situation, you think of all the things [you] should’ve, would’ve, could’ve done to make it better.”

Tom admitted he could’ve handled things ‘way better’ and ‘of course’ regrets what he did and how he did things.

When asked why he thinks he got so much heat even though ‘everyone’ cheats on the show, Tom admitted he thinks it’s because it was so unexpected.

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