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Race Across the World brothers Marc and Michael 'barely know each other'

After a three-year hiatus Race Across the World is back for series 3, with a new cast of five pairs of ordinary Brits trekking across Canada in a race to win a huge prize, including brothers Marc and Michael.

The show kicks off on BBC on March 22 for a nine-part series, and judging by the trailer, it looks like series 3 is going to be more intense than ever. With no phones, no flights, and no luxuries the contestants will have to get to their checkpoints as quickly as possible.

We take a closer look at brothers Marc and Michael, and what they had to say ahead of their stint on Race Across the World.

Who are Race Across the World brothers Marc and Michael?

Marc and Michael are brothers who hail from the West Midlands. Marc is the older sibling, at 36, while Michael is just two years younger at 34.

The pair have very different professions, with Marc working as a lift operator, and Michael working as a children’s service manager.

Despite being around a similar age and living just five minutes away from each other, the Race Across the World cast members say they don’t know each other very well. It seems like they’re hoping their Race Across the World stint in Canada will help them rebuild that brotherly bond.

Marc and Michael want to build a better relationship

The brothers say they wanted to take part in the show to build a better relationship. Hopefully, the tough challenges bring them closer together to create that sibling bond they may be missing.

Younger brother Michael told the BBC that, not only will it help their relationship, but he believes it will benefit them moving forward with their lives.

Despite ‘barely knowing each other’ it seems like the brothers have similar minds as they’ve thought up some useful strategies from traveling to big cities growing up.

Marc and Michael Race Across the World smiling infront of colourful houses
Credit: Race Across the World/ BBC Pictures

Applications are open for the new series

If you’re hooked on Race Across the World series 3, and think you have what it takes, you’re in luck as applications are now open for series 4.

It’s a win-win, as if you prefer watching from the comfort of your living room you’ll be pleased to know you’ve got more series of the hit show to come.

So grab a partner and head over to the BBC website if you think you have what it takes, just like season 2 winners, Emon and Jamiul.


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