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Powerball Confirms Louisiana Ticket Is $150,000 Winner

Lottery players in Louisiana have welcomed a trusted friend back to the state. This friend, Lady Luck, I’m guessing she was on vacation or battling the current gastrointestinal issue that almost everyone in Louisiana has experienced. But over the last few Powerball drawings, it’s become pretty obvious that “the queen” is back at the bayous raising dust.

Nick Fewings via

Nick Fewings via

Louisiana’s most recent big-money Powerball win came from the Feb. 28 drawing when a ticket sold in Lafayette, Louisiana, reached the numbers required for a $10,000 prize. According to the Louisiana Lottery unclaimed prizes page, the owner of this ticket wasted no time in claiming their prize because the $10,000 winner is not listed on the page.

Nationally, the Powerball game produced a jackpot winner from Virginia in last Saturday’s draw, the March 4, 2023 draw. But enough history, let’s talk about the present and who might be presented with a $150,000 Powerball check from yesterday’s drawing.

If you don’t see the balls falling, here’s how it happened.

If you were unable to watch the video, the following numbers were drawn:

26 27 43 61 69 PowerBall 04 Power Play x3

The Powerball website confirms those numbers and also reveals that no ticket sold for last night’s drawing matched the numbers required to win the game’s jackpot, which totaled $30.5 million. There was a match 5 winner, that’s a million dollar prize that was sold for last night’s game. This ticket was purchased in Florida.

USA Mega via YouTube

USA Mega via YouTube

Here in Louisiana, the Powerball players had a pretty good night in terms of winnings. The Louisiana Lottery confirmed that 310 tickets for the game sold in the state last night more than doubled the money of players who bought them.

There were also seven tickets sold in Louisiana that are $100 winners this morning and another six tickets that were sold in the state that are eligible for a $300 prize from the March 8 Powerball game.

Courtesy of the Louisiana Lottery

Courtesy of the Louisiana Lottery

At this time, the Louisiana Lottery only confirms that a ticket sold in Louisiana yielded four of the white ball numbers and the Powerball for last night’s game. Typically, this ticket earns a price of $50,000. But the player opted for the Power Play option, which was “times three” for last night’s drawing, making the ticket worth $150,000 to its rightful owner.

Louisiana Lottery officials were due to confirm the purchase location for this ticket later today. We can tell you from history that there is a greater than 50% chance that the ticket was purchased anywhere along the I-10 corridor. That means Powerball players in Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, or those living within fifty miles of those cities, really should check their tickets.

Incidentally, the Texas Lottery also confirmed a $50,000 winner for last night’s game. So if you’ve played Powerball in Lonestar State, you might want to check out those numbers as well.

As no ticket sold for last night’s drawing matched the numbers required to claim the Powerball jackpot, it will continue to rise. Game officials estimate that Saturday’s draw will be worth at least $45 million.

By the way, Friday’s Mega Millions draw will be at least $203 million. If you decide to gamble, we hope you will behave responsibly and only spend what you can afford to lose. If you need help with a gambling problem, please call 1-877-770-STOP (7867).

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