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Pennington professor wins grant, luxury homebuilder enters Baton Rouge market

Troyer Builders enters the Baton Rouge market

Troyer Builders, a luxury home builder, has expanded into Baton Rouge.

Troyer has built more than 400 homes in New Orleans and the North Shore.

The company makes available to its clients a complete team of architects, designers and contractors in a central warehouse.

Pennington professor gets $1.8 million grant

David McDougal, an assistant professor at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, has been awarded a $1.8 million federal grant to study why type 1 diabetics develop hypoglycemia and to find better ways to treat the condition.

McDougal, an assistant professor in the Laboratory of Neurobiology of Metabolic Dysfunction, recently received the National Institutes of Health’s five-year fellowship.

Hypoglycemia is a life-threatening period of low blood sugar that can make the clinical management of diabetic patients challenging.

McDougal said there are no approved therapies aimed at preventing hypoglycemia in people with diabetes, so the only way to reduce the condition is with short-term adjustments in insulin doses. This can lead to unwanted increases in blood sugar.

The study will address the role that leptin plays in regulating hypoglycemia. Leptin is a hormone released from body fat, and McDougal suggests that stimuli that lower levels in the body, such as exercise and alcohol consumption, cause people to be more prone to hypoglycemia.

The Backpacker opens North Shore location

The Backpacker, a Baton Rouge-based outdoor store, has opened a location on the North Shore.

The store is located at 3908 La. 22 in Mandeville.

The company, which sells clothing, shoes, gear and kayaks, was founded in Baton Rouge in 1974. The Backpacker also has a Lafayette store.

MR Engineering acquires Tatum Engineering

MR Engineering & Surveying in Baton Rouge has acquired Tatum Engineering & Surveying.

Tatum has been in the real estate development market in the Baton Rouge area since 1988. MR Engineering was founded in 2009.