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Parents of 5-year-old Lafayette, Louisiana fire victim arrested

LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) – The parents of a child who was taken to the hospital with burns to her hands and bruises to her face have been arrested, according to the Lafayette Police Department.

The child was originally hospitalized on March 9 with second-degree burns to his face. His face and torso also showed signs of bruising, leading to an initial police investigation. That investigation led to the arrest of the child’s father, Preston King, 34, of Lafayette.

Police determined that the child’s injuries were the result of negligence on the part of both parents and a second arrest warrant was issued for the child’s mother, Alexandra King, 33, of Lafayette.

Both parents were committed to Lafayette Parish Correctional Center, each facing a case of second-degree juvenile cruelty.

cruelty to young people

Louisiana law defines second-degree juvenile cruelty as “the willful or negligent abuse or neglect of a child under the age of seventeen by a person over the age of seventeen resulting in serious physical harm or neurological impairment to that child.”

The punishment, if found guilty, can see the offender in prison for up to 40 years.

List of homicides and deaths in Acadiana for 2023

Whether you pay attention to the news every day or just drop by every now and then, I think you’ll agree that we often read about murders and deaths in Acadiana. 2023 seems to indicate that Acadiana will have a busy year when it comes to homicides, fatal accidents, and pedestrian deaths.

Fighting Fentanyl: Major Arrests Across Acadiana in 2022

The fight against fentanyl is daunting as the powerful drug continues to take lives every day across the country. From Lafayette to the surrounding areas, law enforcement agencies have their hands full fighting to ban fentanyl from their respective streets.

Let’s take a look back at the headline-grabbing cases of fentanyl in 2022.