Pamela Mastropietro Autopsy Photos Revealed The Horrific Truth

Gruesome details emerge from the autopsy that Pamela’s body was washed with bleach to erase all traces and dismembered “in a scientific way,” as written by the coroner Mariano Cingolani. 

The murderer, Oseghale, had decided to eliminate them by closing Pamela’s remains in two trolleys. 

On the evening of January 30, he was accompanied by a taxi driver friend to the outskirts of Pollenza, where he abandoned his suitcases filled with body parts of Pamela.

When arrested, Oseghale denied the violence and defended himself by saying that Pamela had died of a heroin overdose.

Oseghale was arrested after a few days with the help of the images of a surveillance system. 

The picture was recovered from the security camera installed outside of a pharmacy in Macerata which immortalized Oseghale while following the girl.

Then, Pamela’s clothes and blood traces were found at the man’s house. When the investigators approached him, Oseghale tried to give several versions until the summer of 2018. 

In front of the prosecutor Giovanni Giorgio, he admitted that he had chopped up the body of the girl who died in his version of an overdose and denied having r*ped her.

After several scientific examinations of the girl’s body, the police established that two stab wounds  “penetrated at the base of the right chest when the victim was still alive” would have been fatal. 

Before that, according to the investigators, Oseghale allegedly abused her while she was in poor physical condition due to heroin use. 

The investigations against Oseghale ended in June 2018, and the trial against him began in 2019, which ends today with the final sentence of life imprisonment.

The murder of Pamela Mastropietro

The 18-year-old was killed in Macerata on January 30, 2018. The only accused of the r*pe and murder of the girl is Oseghale, who pleaded not guilty and admitted only that he had chopped up her body. 

The trial against him began in February 2019. On May 29, 2019, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

On October 16, 2020, the Ancona Court of Assizes of Appeal also confirmed the conviction, with charges of voluntary homicide aggravated by s*xual violence, contempt, destruction, and concealment of a corpse.

According to some resources, on January 29, 2018, Pamela escaped from the Pars recovery community. That night she spent the night at a taxi driver’s house, and the next day another taxi driver saw her in the Diaz gardens, a drug dealing square in Macerata.

Here, the girl bought a dose of drugs from Desmond Lucky, paying for it with a silver chain, a gift from her mother.

Desmond Lucky, Oseghale’s friend, was initially involved and then released from the main investigation.

According to the investigators, at this point, Oseghale would have convinced Pamela to go up to his apartment via Spalato.

Perhaps in exchange for a dose of heroin, he would have r*ped and then killed her, stabbing her in the liver in a fit of rage because she wanted to call the police.

Victory for Italian mother, who wore a T-shirt showing Pamela’s dismembered body to a court hearing

After five years, the definitive sentence arrived, which confirmed the life sentence for Oseghale, accused of having r*ped, killed, and hacked to pieces the 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro in January 2018 in Macerata.

The defendant was not present in the courtroom when the sentence was read, while the girl’s parents were there. 

Pamela Mastropietro’s mother fought for years for his sentence to consider the aggravating circumstance of s*xual violence. 

If the aggravating circumstance had been dropped, Oseghale could have obtained a reduced sentence. 

The bis appeal process concerned only the crime of s*xual violence and was sent to Perugia for procedural issues.