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Natalie Sinclair and Trevor Sinclair Net Worth in 2022

A controversial tweet sent by Trevor Sinclair following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022 made recent media and news headlines. Sinclair is a former professional soccer player and manager.

The reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England has exceeded 70 years, making her one of the longest reigning monarchs in the history of any sovereign nation. Following her death on Thursday 8 September, a former England international sparked controversy on Twitter by responding to news of her death with a racist tweet. This tweet was in response to news of her death. Sinclair suggested in a tweet that people of “black and dark” ethnicity should not mourn.

The news that Her Majesty the Queen had passed away on Thursday night aged 96 was broken by Buckingham Palace and Sinclair’s tweet came immediately after the announcement. The 49-year-old football commentator was immediately shot at by fans who called on TalkSPORT to sack him from his position.

Trevor Sinclair

TalkSport tweeted Thursday night in response to people calling for Sinclair to be fired, saying they tried to get in touch with Trevor Sinclair after reading some of the comments left on his Twitter account . talkSPORT does not support his views and the network has said it is investigating the matter. After receiving the negative feedback, he quickly removed the comment and Twitter eventually deactivated his account after other users filed complaints against him.

After retiring from football, Sinclair spent most of his post-football career as a commentator and pundit for radio and television, most notably for BBC Sport on the programs Football Focus and Final Score. During the 2014–2015 season, Lancaster City Football Club appointed him as the club’s assistant manager.

Natalie Sinclair, the footballer’s wife, and Trevor Sinclair’s family life

In the early 2000s, former England winger Trevor Sinclair married his future wife Natalie Sinclair. The couple have been together for more than twenty decades and have had three beautiful children in that time.

When the now 49-year-old ex-footballer tied the knot with Natalie, who was then in her late 20s, he was in his late 20s. Although her date of birth is unknown, it’s widely believed that she and her husband Trevor are the same age, so somewhere mid 40s

In 2004, Trevor Sinclair was taken into custody

In the past, Sinclair has been involved in a number of different controversial situations. In 2004 he was taken into custody.

The winger’s home in Lower Withington, Cheshire, was the scene of a police inquiry in July 2004. The player, who was playing for Manchester City at the time, was taken into custody and questioned by officers before being released on police bail.

After an altercation with his wife Natalie at a party, Sinclair, 31, reportedly had to be calmed down to keep his composure. Despite everything that’s happened, Natalie and Trevor are still together, and they recently celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary this year.

Recently, on a significant day, he sent a tweet congratulating Natalie on their 21st wedding anniversary. Happy 21st year of marriage, Natalie! When we got married we swore to each other and promised our sons that we would be the best parents we could be together.

In addition, the police once had to take Trevor into custody for inappropriate behavior around them. He had to do 150 hours of community service, all of which he did at a charity shop located yards from where the event was taking place. His wife supported him and helped him through the challenging time in his life.

How many Sinclair children does the family have in total?

Trevor Sinclair is the father of three children with his wife Natalie. The couple’s three sons are now all grown up and on their own. Trevor shared a series of photos on his Instagram account showing him having a good time with their children. The answer to the question some people might have if any of his sons would like to follow in his footsteps and become a soccer player is yes, they did.

Sky, one of their sons, has just signed a professional contract with Blackpool, the team his father used to play for. Although the club have yet to officially announce the 19-year-old pro’s contract, the youngster’s father Trevor, who started his career at Bloomfield Road, expressed his delight by posting a picture of himself online to celebrate his delight to share.

Trevor, who has won 12 caps for England senior team, expressed his hope that his little boy would have a more successful career than he has ever had in his life. Sky, who is 19, is part of the team’s right back and can also play on the flank. On the other hand, his father has made a total of 360 Premier League appearances from his days as a winger for QPR, West Ham and Manchester City.

What is Trevor Sinclair’s estimated net worth right now? Salary and earnings after a career in football

According to multiple reports, Trevor Sinclair and his wife, Natalie Sinclair, own a combined net worth of real estate equal to thirteen million dollars. It has been stated that Natalie makes $5 million from her total sum, while Trevor is responsible for the rest of the money.

Sinclair has been a member of a variety of UK football clubs over the course of a playing career spanning nearly three decades. When Sinclair joined Queens Park Rangers in 1993 for a transfer fee of £600,000, he broke the record for the highest transfer fee paid by Blackpool. Sinclair’s name has been constantly linked with potential transfers to several of the Premier League’s big teams, including Leeds United, Manchester United and Newcastle United. Rumor has it that the transfer fees could be as high as £6million.

Sinclair’s move to West Ham United in January 1998 saw the total cost of the transaction fall from £2.7m to £2.3m as a result of the sale of two West Ham players to QPR as part of the deal. Sinclair then joined Manchester City in 2003 for a fee of £3.3million following West Ham’s demotion.

After retiring in 2018, Trevor began working as a commentator and analyst for various media outlets, including television. He previously held positions at BBC Sport and perhaps most notably TalkSPORT. Among the football analysts making the most money according to Goal is Gary Lineker for the BBC, who earned £1.35million in 2020. Alan Shearer, the all-time top scorer in the Premier League, was second with £395,000. Arsenal icon Ian Wright handed £150,000 in 2020

Trevor Sinclair with his wife
Trevor Sinclair with his wife

Trevor Sinclair’s career up to this point, including his days as a football player, manager and pundit

Although born on March 2, 1973 in Dulwich, England, he spent most of his childhood in Manchester. When he made his debut for Blackpool in 1989, he became the youngest player in the club’s history. Before joining Queen Park Rangers, he played 112 league games for the Seasiders, scoring 15 goals.

Premier League debut with Queen Park Rangers

Trevor’s transfer to Queens Park Rangers (QPR) in 1993 was for a record £600,000, which was the most money Blackpool had ever received for a player. During his five-year tenure at QPR, he made 168 league appearances and scored 16 goals.

In addition, Sinclair was voted Premier League Player of the Month in October 1995, but that was not enough to save QPR from league relegation at the end of that special season.

In 2003 he signed for Manchester City.

Sinclair was bought by Manchester City in 2003 having previously spent nearly five seasons at West Ham. However, as this was before the time of Arab money, Manchester City were no better than a typical club that ended up in mid-table at the time.

He began his career on the left wing for Manchester City, just as he did for England at the 2002 FIFA World Cup, and went on to play for England at that tournament. Sinclair eventually got the opportunity to play at right flank, which was his favorite position after Shaun Wright-Phillips left the team. Due to a string of poor performances, the club decided to sack him in 2007.

After a career on the field, now a coach and expert

During the brief stint that Sinclair spent as manager, he held the position of assistant manager for Lancaster City. On 25 August 2014, he came on as a substitute in the second half of a league game against Clitheroe, which Clitheroe won 3-1. He later got involved in the media industry, working as a football analyst for the BBC and Talksport.