Meg Health Care Funds 1.4 Acres for Expansion

MEG Health Care, together with founders Melissa and Manuel Green, has funded the purchase of 1.4 acres of land in the city of Newton in the western part of Sierra Leone.

The funding was granted to Princess Promise, whose advocacy is to help vulnerable young girls in this impoverished region.

Princess Promise, a nonprofit organization based in McKinney, TX, has been providing tools and support for young girls in Sierra Leone since 2014.

After being granted nonprofit status in 2015, it started operating full-time and began focusing its efforts in Bo Town, Sierra Leone, in 2016.

For six years, Princess Promise centralized its operations on helping and taking care of young girls who came from situations of abuse, trafficking, severe neglect, early child marriage, and child labor.

Through the land purchase, the nonprofit is now able to expand its operations to other parts of the country, especially in its western region, where almost half of the country’s population resides.

As a result, the area has become extremely overpopulated and impoverished.

“Spreading our net further to the west will allow us to have the opportunity to love and care for even more vulnerable young girls,” explains Princess Promise Director of Communications Grace Karsten.

“When the government finds a young girl in a vulnerable state, they are usually returned to the village where the abuse happened due to a lack of long-term care infrastructure within the country.

Without Princess Promise, the cycle of abuse in these girls’ lives often continues.”

After expanding to the western region, Princess Promise aims to replicate its programs in Bo Town in order to reach and help even more vulnerable young girls in similar circumstances.

“Our program in the west will allow young girls to find hope, healing, education, and confidence for their future,” adds Karsten. “Like in our Bo program, the girls will stay in our care until we can reunify them in a safe family home. From there, the journey begins as we walk alongside them into adulthood.”

To accelerate Princess Promise’s expansion in Sierra Leone’s western region, MEG Health Care has also gifted a $50,000 matching grant.

Through the additional aid, the company hopes to help Princess Promise recruit more staff members, organize new programs, and rent a facility to house the young girls while the permanent Newton facility is being built.

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