Matt Roloff Trolls Ex-Wife: Look! I’m Hanging Out with Your Husband!

Little People. Big World.

A large amount of shade?

Late last week, Matt Roloff shared a seemingly simple update about his life that some observers have taken to be inappropriate at best… and downright mean and rude at worst.

The TLC personality, you see, recently began construction of a new house on the property of his $4 million farm in Oregon.


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He took a break from the endeavor one night recently, however, to host a bunch of pals inside of a cozy cabin at the farm… a structure made with logs that has two white rocking chairs out on the front porch, along with a barrel in the middle to be used as a table.

Matt has referred to it in the past as “grandpa’s cabin.”

Here’s a look at it:

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“A little break from the build… Guys night at the cabin,” wrote Matt as an Instagram caption a few days ago.

“Ty, Bill, Chris and me hanging out as warm as toast inside while the rain/snow poured down outside.

“The little wood stove got so warm we had to keep the door open for awhile.”

Yes, that Chris would be Chris Marek, Amy Roloff’s second husband.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in Hawaii
Not shabby, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek. The newlyweds are in Hawaii here for their honeymoon.

It’s nice that Matt gets along well with his ex-spouse’s relatively new spouse — but it’s also a tad strange, according to many Little People, Big world fans.

“I bet Amy didn’t like it that much!” one social media user commented upon seeing Matt’s post.

But Matt actually saw this remark and clapped back at the statement, responding:

“No? Why not? It was her that I called to set it up. Amy’s a pretty secure and mature woman.”

Screen Shot 2022 12 27 at 12.03.04 PM
We’re up close and rather personal with an unshaved Matt Roloff in this Instagram selfie.

That’s a pretty fair and even kind reply by Matt, huh?

Viewers probably responded negatively to the Marek hang out because Matt hasn’t been getting along with his family members well at all of late.

Ever since he put his farm up for sale last May and allegedly did NOT try to give any of his kids a deal, basically all of Matt’s loved ones have slammed him in one way or another.

This would include Amy, who previously said she now feels as if she was duped into selling her portion of the farm to Matt years ago.

little peoples caryn chandler slammed 745349946 copy
Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff sit side by side here, speaking to the camera on an episode of Little People, Big World.

In general, it appears as if the feud between Matt and the other Roloffs may be placing the future of their show in danger.

“Little People, Big World was meant to be a fun, family show about a pumpkin farm and how they conquer life despite their disabilities,” a source told The Sun a few weeks back.

“Although the drama is usually great for reality TV, it’s become a little depressing to watch as the family has grown apart in recent months.”

This same source claimed Matt really wants to film at least one more season, but that girlfriend Caryn Chandler is “completely done.”