Massage therapist initiates campaign on health awareness, physical exercise

Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Obrempong Adjei, a trained, certified and licensed Massage Therapist has initiated a health awareness education campaign to educate Ghanaians on sleeping, sitting and standing body postures.

The campaign is aimed at informing the public on how to maintain the natural flow­ing curves of the vertebral column, avoid unnecessary muscle imbalances, develop the habit of exercising and most importantly stretching to enhance their well-being.

The vertebral column com­prises bones, muscles, tendons and other tissues that reach from the base of the skull to the tailbone. It also encloses the spinal cord and the fluid surrounding the spinal cord.

Speaking to the Times Sports in an interview last week, Mr Obrempong Adjei, said the campaign will target corpo­rate institutions, students and sports men and women.

On the topic ‘Right body posture management’ Mr Obrempong Adjei hopes to use workshops and clinics, as well as practical sessions to teach workers, students and athletes on how to keep the body to ensure the natural flowing curves to avoid unneces­sary muscle imbalances and the importance of physical exercise.

He said many athletes and workers usually complain of back pains which is often caused by prolonged and poor sitting posture habits.

Operating with his company Bonwire Rehab Massage Clinic, Mr Obrempong Adjei said the project will engage experts and students in the design and construction industry to consider sitting struc­tures when manufacturing their products.

He said patrons have always been attracted to the external and physical appearance of such products, which he stated were mere marketing bait; leaving users with hazards that con­tributes to a few skeletal dis­orders.

This, he said, led to a meet­ing with the Design Section of the Takoradi Technical University (TTU), some banks and schools to be part of the health education outreach to create awareness on health and physical exercise.

He said the national boxing team, the Black Bombers and the boxing coaches have all been engaged and educated on the relevance of body therapy like rehabilitative massage in the combat sport of boxing.

The Head of Department of the Interior Deco Depart­ment of TTU, Mr Brima, also said the health education pre­sentation would be effective and beneficial to the students, workers and athletes.