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Man who found body of Georgia father Nathan Millard describes grisly scene

The man who discovered the decomposed body of a Georgia father of five and called 911 said he noticed a “rotting stench of dead animals” as he drove past a Louisiana neighborhood — and then was shocked when he saw it that feet sticking out of a carpet.

Nathan Millard, 42, was dumped in a vacant lot in Baton Rouge, wrapped in plastic and rolled in a rug after reportedly dying of an accidental overdose.

Police suspect no third-party fault, but the official cause of death is still pending pending a full autopsy, and investigators are trying to figure out how Millard’s body got to the site.

The motorist described how he made the gruesome discovery and told Unfiltered with Kiran, on condition of anonymity, that he noticed a strange smell while driving around 3am Monday.

The driver’s identity was verified, according to the outlet, by EquuSearch, a Texas-based nonprofit group that worked with Baton Rouge Police on the mysterious case.

He said he rolled down his window and was overcome by a strong odor.

“It’s just something I don’t think I can ever forget,” the man told the news outlet. “It smelled like something was bad or something rotten. At first I thought it was a dead animal, but I didn’t see anything.”

The man said he got out of his vehicle to investigate and poked around with a flashlight, which illuminated a carpet.

“First I thought it was someone throwing food away and then I saw the feet. That’s when I got really scared and my stomach just turned in knots,” he said.

“I was really scared because I’ve never seen or found a deceased person,” the UWK driver said.

The Georgia father was on a business trip in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Texas EquuSearch

“I was pretty scared because I didn’t know what happened.”

Millard’s family said investigators told them he likely died of an overdose.

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Police Captain Kevin Heinz told reporters that investigators believe Millard died elsewhere and that someone brought his body to the property.

“At this point there doesn’t seem to be any foul play,” he said this week. “I know it was placed there, obviously by someone else. We would like to know who and why.”

Millard, who had traveled to Baton Rouge to stake out a potential gig for his construction company, took a client to a basketball game at Louisiana State University and Happy’s Irish Pub on the evening of February 22.

He left the pub alone around 11:30pm after being cut off for allegedly drinking too much and headed back to his nearby hotel – but was not heard from the next morning.

On Tuesday, police said Millard walked to a Greyhound bus stop about an hour after leaving the bar. There, a security guard offered to take him away or call the police, but he declined.

Meanwhile, new surveillance video has seen him in the hours leading up to his disappearance with a mystery man who keeps falling over.

Millard is seen walking with a mystery man after midnight and leaving Happy’s Irish Pub on February 22nd

The encounter reportedly happened before Millard refused the guard’s help.

Millard is survived by his wife Amber, their 7-year-old daughter, two teenage sons from a previous marriage, and two teenage stepsons.

Amber said she last spoke to him when he FaceTimed her to show her the seats he and his client reserved for the hoop game.

“It wasn’t something I ever thought would be my last call,” she said.