Maj.-Gen Samuel Adebayo: The dedicated security chief winning war against terror

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He is tough, he is dedicated, he is utterly uncompromising in the war against terrorism, armed banditry, separatism, kidnappings, militancy and all other anti-social crimes that threaten the peace, unity, stability and tranquility of his beloved nation. He is no other eminent personality than Major General Samuel Adebayo, the Chief of Defence Intelligence, who has brought his wealth of knowledge, invaluable experience and technical expertise to bear in decimating criminal networks, neutralising their dastardly perpetrators while making large swaths of the nation safe again for peaceful abode and commercial enterprise.

Indeed as a trailblasing Chief of Staff at the Nigerian Corps of Military Intelligence (NAIC), later Director of Military Intelligence, then Chief of Military Intelligence, Nigerian Army and Director of Operations of the Defence Intelligence Agency before his top appointment as DIA boss, a resolute Major General Samuel Adebayo has deployed a vast array of modern technological tools of intelligence gathering, processing and application which greatly assisted in the destruction of Boko Haram terrorist cells and hideouts as well as numerous armed bandit camps in the North West and North Central parts of the country.

Major General Adebayo’s methodical, tactical and strategic approach to counter-insurgency operations is the stuff of legend and is deeply admired and emulated both within and outside the nation’s shores.

The tenacious DIA supremo strenuously gathers critical Intel, data and crucial info on the subject matter and diligently ensures that they are accurate to the letter before taking surgical action in order to minimize collateral damage to innocent residents. However, those who are culpable or allied to criminal perpetrators always bear the full brunt of  Major General Adebayo’s counter-terrorist response, no more no less. Crucially many a repentant terrorist/bandit have toed the law abiding path as a result of the efficacy and ruthless efficiency of the CDI’s dismantling of terrorist networks and their fellow travellers.

Indeed Major General Adebayo has repositioned and recalibrated the DIA  in order to more credibly deliver on its onerous mandate to provide an efficient system of obtaining military intelligence for the Nigerian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence, promote Nigeria’s Defence Policy, enhance military cooperation with other countries, protect the lives of Nigerian citizens, and maintain the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

The policy reforms have largely succeeded because the DIA boss ensures that all and sundry in the agency fully understand and wholeheartedly subscribe to the DIA’s inalienable mission which is tied to the indivisibility, indestructibility and indissolubility of the Nigerian nation. Apart from policy decisions, the DIA helmsman has also invested in the welfare and well-being of the Agency’s staff in order to further boost their overall morale and productivity and has been severally commended by the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

For instance, at the commissioning of the DIA Housing Estate at Idu-Karmo in December last year, President Muhammadu Buhari hailed the accomplishments of Major General  Adebayo thus: “This commissioning ceremony further avails another opportunity to reaffirm my confidence in the competence, commitment and achievements of the Defence Intelligence Agency’s giant strides achieved across the nation.”

As far as the deeply patriotic Major-General Adebayo is concerned, Nigeria’s existence as a corporate entity is settled and not open for negotiation QED. Having set terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and other assorted criminal cohorts on the run, scattered and seriously depleted, the DIA supremo continues to soldier on until his dearly beloved nation is totally rid of terrorist deviants and their acolytes wherever they may be ensconced.

This is indeed the undiluted vision and untrammelled mission of the tough, resolute, courage and utterly uncompromising Major General Samuel Adebayo which can be summarised thus: ‘No Retreat, No Surrender Until Total Victory is Achieved’. To God be the glory.

Andrew Eghosa, a public policy analyst wrote in from Garki, Abuja