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LSUS Pilots Pointe Apartment Credited With Registration Boost | Condition

SHREVEPORT, La. – Renovation of an apartment complex on the LSUS campus is recognized for a boost in student enrollment and retention.

LSUS bought Pilots Pointe Apartments, formerly known as University Court Apartments, two years ago. At the end of 2021, the students started to move.

The apartment complex has 400 beds, currently 320 are occupied. Much of the other apartments will be renovated and will have all new appliances.

Last fall, 60 freshmen and 41 transfers were living at the Pilots Pointe Apartment. Before LSUS bought the apartments, less than 70% of the students lived at the university court.

“We have traditionally been this commuter campus. Because the accommodation here is right next to the campus, it was really easy for the students to get around. And so our incoming freshman class and our transfer students have a place to live. You are integrated into our student body and we offer a robust student campus life. And that really helped keep us enrolled and students,” said Julie Lessiter, LSUS vice chancellor for strategic initiatives.

As the population of Pilots Pointe Apartments increases, LSUS will build a bridge, the Ring Road, that will connect the apartments to the campus.

“The Pilot Pointe Apartments are so well located for our campus. There is a Walmart across the street. There is a hospital right next door for medical use. And once we complete the bridge, students can go straight from the apartments to our campus. Right now they have to exit onto Youree Drive. And that’s going to really integrate these housing options into our campus,” Lessiter said.

The brick bridge will be completed later this year.