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Love Island's CEO isn't Olivia Hawkins' dad and she denies being 'planted'

Love Island fans are curious to know who the show’s CEO is in 2023.

After Winter Love Island contestant Olivia Hawkins was voted out of the South African villa, rumors are swirling that her dad is the Love Island CEO.

Many people have taken to social media to suggest that Olivia was “planted” on the ITV show by producers. More was convinced she “already knew” the show’s narrator, Iain Stirling, as she starred in his ITV sitcom, Buffering.

However, Olivia has cleared up any confusion and set the record straight on how she got onto Love Island season 9.

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Love Island CEO rumors swirl

Olivia Hawkins departed from Love Island’s sunny South African villa on Day 45.

Since leaving the show, she’s received backlash from fans who say she was “planted” in the villa.

While Olivia was still a contestant, one fan tweeted: “I’m convinced Olivia’s dad owns shares over at itv because this girl literally gets away with anything.”

Another said: “Why are the girls so afraid to call Olivia out?? Her dad must be the main producer cause it’s getting weird.”

After Olivia left the show, she took to Instagram Stories to do some Q&A with her followers.

One of the questions was: “Did apply for Love Island or did you get scouted?”

Olivia replied: “My dads the CEO.”

The Love Island star’s comment came before another that she made on IG Stories.

Another fan asked: “Why is your upper lip so stiff and barely moves?”

Olivia jokingly wrote back: “So, I am actually a ventriloquist, another hidden talent of mine.”

Olivia confirms her dad isn’t the CEO

In March 2023, Olivia spoke to national news outlets to debunk the rumors that she was “planted” in the villa, and that her dad is the show’s CEO.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Olivia said: “Apparently my dad is CEO of Love Island. You have to laugh don’t you?”

The 27-year-old added: “The truth is I was a real contestant, I was not planted in there for any other ulterior motive… I was my real self the whole way through.”

The real ‘CEO of Love Island’ is Carolyn McCall. She’s the Chief Executive at ITV and was appointed in 2018.

Olivia has appeared on other ITV shows

Because Olivia had appeared on other ITV shows in her time, some fans may have thought that she was better connected to land herself a place on Love Island.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the actress on Iain Stirling’s ITV show Buffering in 2023.

Her Star Now profile also says that she appeared in The Royals season 5 as an extra, and in two different episodes of Autopsy: The Last Hours of… on ITV.

Olivia is a ring girl, reality TV star, and actress. She has starred in music videos and also appeared on Chunkz and Filly’s Does The Shoe Fit? in 2019. Since leaving Love Island, she is set on following her acting passion.

She wrote on her Instagram Story that she was once in a West End production of Billy Elliot and that she has a passion for performing.

Olivia added on her Instagram Q&A that she’s rooting for Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall to win season 9.


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