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Love is Blind's Irina reminds fans of a season 2 star

Love is Blind season 4 has dropped on Netflix, and Irina has already made a statement with the Zack drama, but fans are noticing the same thing about her eyes, which reminds them of the ‘squint’ of another star.

The Netflix dating show graced us with its fourth season just months after the third. We’d barely recovered from the SK and Raven drama when the streaming service gave us season 4, and although we’ve only seen a handful of episodes, the drama is strong.

We take a look at what Love is Blind fans have been saying about Irina’s eyes and which alum she reminds them of.

Who is Irina?

Irina Solomonova is a 26-year-old business owner who hails from Russia but moved to the US when she was young.

Her company is an event-planning business that goes by the name of Solo collective.

Speaking to Netflix before her arrival, she said her biggest red flag is someone who doesn’t like trying new things. However, we’re sure she won’t have problems in the pods in this sense, as finding love on a Netflix show isn’t an everyday occurrence.

Love is Blind fans notice Irina’s ‘squint’ in her eyes

Irina made her mark on the show when she got engaged to Zack, however, it didn’t quite go to plan and maybe she felt love wasn’t blind after all.

Aside from all the drama the star has been bringing to the show, fans can’t help but notice how Irina ‘squints’ her eyes, just like season 2’s Shaina.

Shaina Hurley got engaged to Kyle Abrams on the show, however, broke up due to religious differences. She is now married to Christos Lardakis.

Irina and Zack’s first meeting was awkward to say the least

After four seasons, it seems fans have crowed Zack and Irina’s first meeting ‘the most award meet up.’

The pair got on well in the pods, however, when they met face to face it was a different story, as Irina had a problem with Zack’s eyes, calling his eye contact ‘creepy.’

He then replied: “I will try not to be too intense, I’ll try to blink more for you.”

She also said he looked like a cartoon character so it was obvious it was just going to go downhill from there. To no one’s surprise, the relationship was short-lived as they broke up at the end of episode 5.

We guess we’ll have to wait until the next bunch of episodes drop to see if they find love after all.


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