Kamaru Usman to earn $750k despite losing fight to Leon Edwards

Key highlights

  • Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards put on a highly-anticipated fight, with Edwards coming out on top, extending his unbeaten run to 12.
  • Both fighters earned sizable paydays for their efforts, with Usman earning a base salary of $750,000 and Edwards earning $500,000, with additional bonuses and pay-per-view revenue potentially earning them millions.
  • The rivalry between Usman and Edwards dates back to 2015, with Usman winning their first two meetings, and Edwards finally getting his revenge in their third meeting.
  • The financial aspect of the sport is crucial for fighters, with many advocating for higher pay and more equitable treatment as the sport continues to grow in popularity and profitability.

The highly-anticipated bout between Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards lived up to its billing, as the two welterweights put on a show for the packed arena in Las Vegas.

The first round was a back-and-forth affair, with both fighters landing significant strikes. However, Edwards seemed to have the edge in the grappling department, as he was able to take Usman down multiple times.

The second round saw Usman come out more aggressively, as he began to find his range with his striking. He landed several clean shots on Edwards, who was forced to backpedal and defend. However, Edwards weathered the storm and was able to regain control of the fight in the third round.

The fourth and fifth rounds were closely contested, with both fighters landing significant strikes and grappling exchanges. Usman was able to take Edwards down in the fifth round and appeared to be close to finishing the fight with ground-and-pound, but Edwards was able to survive until the final bell.

What the fighters are saying

After the fight, both fighters showed mutual respect for each other, with Usman congratulating Edwards on his victory and expressing his desire for a rematch.

Edwards, for his part, praised Usman’s toughness and said he was looking forward to defending his title against the best in the division.

  • “I think I did enough to win the fight, I’m not done,” Usman said after the defeat.
  • He also showed good sportsmanship when talking about Edwards’ win: “I knew it was a close fight. Great game plan. I’ve always said it from the start, I knew I’d see Leon again and I’m not done. I’ll see him again.”
  • Kamaru Usman has now suffered back-to-back defeats in his UFC career and will now look to bounce back with a win in his next fight.

Usman earns big

In terms of earnings, both fighters took home sizable paydays for their efforts. Usman earned a base salary of $750,000, while Edwards earned $500,000.

  • With additional bonuses and pay-per-view revenue, both fighters could potentially earn millions from the bout.
  • Despite the loss, Usman remains one of the top fighters in the welterweight division and will no doubt be looking to bounce back with a win in his next fight.
  • Meanwhile, Edwards will look to build on his impressive win streak and cement his status as the undisputed champion of the division.

The trilogy

The rivalry between Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards dates back to 2015, when they first met in the regional MMA circuit in the UK. Usman won that fight by unanimous decision.

Their second meeting came in 2019 at UFC Fight Night 143, where Usman once again emerged victorious, this time by TKO in the fifth round.

The third meeting between the two fighters, as mentioned earlier, took place in Las Vegas and saw Edwards finally getting his revenge and securing a win over Usman.

Their trilogy is a testament to the high level of skill and competitiveness that exists in the welterweight division of the UFC. It’s clear that these two fighters bring out the best in each other and their rivalry has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping the landscape of the division.

Big Money

The earnings for professional fighters like Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards can be a significant factor in their career trajectory. Fighters typically receive a base salary for their fights, but they can also earn additional money through bonuses for things like the performance of the night or fight of the night.

  • Additionally, pay-per-view revenue can add a substantial amount to a fighter’s earnings, especially for high-profile fights like the one between Usman and Edwards.
  • For many fighters, the financial aspect of the sport is a crucial factor in their decision to continue fighting.
  • While the top tier of fighters can earn millions of dollars for their fights, the vast majority of fighters earn much less and struggle to make ends meet.

In recent years, there has been increased scrutiny of the pay structure in the UFC and other combat sports, with many fighters advocating for higher pay and more equitable treatment. As the sport continues to grow in popularity and profitability, it remains to be seen how the issue of fighter pay will be addressed.