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Julia Haart's love story with Silvio Scaglia ended with bitter divorce and lawsuits

As the bitter divorce of Julia Haart, star of Netflix’s hit show My Unorthodox Life, rages on, we ask why is she divorcing her husband?

The businesswoman and reality TV star Julia Haart is in the middle of a two-year-long bitter divorce from her ex-husband Silvio Scaglia.

For two years, the couple has been involved in a bitter divorce and a bitter legal battle. With Silvio Scaglia attempting to smear his ex-wife in court.

However, let’s go back to the beginning and find out how the couple got together and what caused the couple to separate and why they are involved in a legal fight.

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The beginning when romance is alive

Julia Haart, now 51, first met Silvio in 2015, when her eponymous shoe brand collaborated with La Perla, which Silvia had bought earlier that year.

The couple then met again a year later when Haart was hired to be La Perla’s creative director. From then on, Haart and Silvio, a Swiss entrepreneur and billionaire, were officially colleagues.

After starting out as friends, the couple grew close before they tied the knot on 22 June, 2019. Not long after getting married, Silvio appointed Haart CEO of his model management business Elite World Group. The pair ran the company together as co-CEO’s.

On their one-year anniversary, Haart wrote on Instagram, “There is no one else I’d rather spend forever with. Happy 1 year anniversary to the love my life… I love you so so much.” She previously called her wedding the “happiest day” of her life.

Romance is dead: Why did Julia Haart and Silvio get divorced?

In 2022, after only two and a half years of marriage, news broke that Haart and Silvio were getting a divorce. Haart had filed for divorce in February 2022 after her soon-to-ex-husband fired her from her position as co-CEO of Elite World Group.

But why did she file for divorce and why did he fire her from their company?

According to Haart the pair split because of the way Scaglia allegedly treated Julia Haart’s family, in particular her children. She realized “divorce is the only option” when her youngest, Aron, was upset that his stepfather had ignored him during his stay at the family’s Tribeca penthouse. Scaglia has never responded to the claims.

Haart shares her children – Batsheva Haart, 29; Shlomo Haart, 27; Miriam Haart, 22; and Aron Hendler, 16, with her first husband, Yousef Handler.

During her current divorce from Silvio, Haart revealed she had to lean on her daughter Miriam for support.

In season two of the Netflix reality show, cameras caught Scaglia firing his then-wife after he claimed she misappropriated funds from the company.

Bitter Divorce Ensues

After Haart filed for divorce in February 2022, Silvio sued his soon-to-be ex-wife for $850,000, which he says wasillegally taken” by Julia after she was fired.

Haart not taking it lying down and filed her own lawsuit in Delaware in February 2022 seeking “damages following her firing, claiming evidence proved she owned 50% of the company.”

However, by May, the court ruled in Silvio’s favor, stating that Julia did not actually own 50 percent of their companies, which included Elite World Group.

She then filed another lawsuit against Silvio in July 2022 for more than $257 million, “alleging he defrauded her out of millions from their business after she filed for divorce.”

Although the tides seem to be turning in Haart’s favor as in January of this year a former executive assistant to fashion modeling exec Silvio Scaglia, Tania Cohen decided to testify on Haart’s behalf.

She claims she became so disgusted by his attempts to smear his wife in court that she testified against him, according to court papers.

Whistleblower Tania Cohen has said in a sworn statement that Scaglia was bent on “destroying [an] innocent woman,” and that he had Cohen scour company accounts to find any trace of shady dealings by the “My Unorthodox Life” star — but she found none. The case is ongoing.

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