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Joshua Ray Walker Burns Through ‘Three Strikes’ on ‘CBS Saturday Morning’

The Texas songwriter and his Tight AF band also performed the fan-favorite “Sexy After Dark.”

After a month-long tour that saw him play with Vandoliers at venues from Brooklyn to Boston, kill crowds aboard the Outlaw Country Cruise, and return to the Grand Ole Opry stage, Joshua Ray Walker made his place CBS Saturday morning Debut this weekend.

The Dallas, Texas-based songwriter delivered three songs from his latest album, Until next time. Backed by his Tight AF band — bassist Billy Kuykendall, drummer Trey Pendergrass and pedal steel maestro Adam “Ditch” Kurtz — Walker raced through “Three Strikes” and “Sexy After Dark” before unleashing a chilling solo version of “Flash” was playing Paper, a song written about his late father.

“Three Strikes” was a particularly explosive honky-tonk blast, with Walker singing about rolling the DUI dice after another night at the bar: “‘Cause it’s once, two, three strikes a felony / if I keep messing around, this drink will bring out the best in me.”


Until next timewhich added horns to Walker’s distorted sound via fan favorite “Sexy After Dark,” is the follow-up to Walker’s 2020 LP Glad you made it, an album on which he wrote incisive songs on subjects as diverse as boat show models and suicide. “I write these heartfelt songs, but at the end of the day, if we’re going to make a living, we’re really just selling beer,” Walker said Rolling Stone. “We get paid to drive late, get in gear, stay up late and try to get people to buy alcohol. That is our task.”

Walker returns to the streets next week with shows in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. He and the band will play at the annual roots music gathering called MerleFest in Wilkesboro, NC on April 27th and head to the West Coast with Jade Jackson in May.