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Jesse from Gold Rush suddenly passed away at Box Creek mine in 2020

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Jesse Goins died while filming Gold Rush in 2020.

In 2023, Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine fans are curious to know what happened to the Discovery star.

Gold Rush’s Jesse is a hugely missed cast member of the show. He passed away almost three years ago but his memory lives on.

Jesse was described as a “kind soul,” by Discovery Canada.

Who was Jesse Goins?

Jesse Goins was a gold miner who starred on Gold Rush spin-off show, Dave Turin’s Lost Mine.

He joined the Discovery series in 2019 and appeared in 24 episodes per IMDb.

Jesse was also a gold room operator.

He was born in February 1960 and worked as a gold miner all his life.

Jesse from Gold Rush died while filming

Gold Rush star Jesse tragically passed away while filming the show in 2020.

He passed away suddenly while working at Box Creek mine in Colorado on August 18, writes Discovery.

Jesse was a beloved member of the crew.

He sadly died after suffering a heart attack at the age of 60.

The moment that the Gold Rush crew learned of Jesse’s untimely passing was captured during the show.

Dave Turin is heard shouting “No Duff,” on the radio before emergency services arrive at the mine to attempt to save Jesse.

His cast members paid tribute

When the cast of Gold Rush learned of Jesse’s death, all filming and gold mining was halted.

Speaking on the show, Dave Turin said: “We lost a brother, truly a family member.”

He told the rest of the crew that “there was nothing they could have done.”

Jesse was described as the “humblest,” and “most genuinely good person.”

Kc Morgan, Dave, and more crew members took to social media in 2020 to pay tribute to Jesse.

Gold Rush’s Kc wrote in his Facebook tribute to Jesse: “…We are all devastated and it just doesn’t seem real. I’m so sick to my stomach as you and I were just working together yesterday morning…”

He added that Jesse was “a great friend,” and an “inspiration.”


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