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Interesting facts about the daughter of David Oyelowo

Zoe Oyelowo: Things to know about David Oyelowo’s daughter

The only child of David Oyelowo, a British actor and filmmaker, and his wife Jessica Oyelowo is Zoe Oyelowo.

The Critics’ Choice Award recipient sat down with Radio Times magazine to discuss his relationship with See How They Run and the value of humor.

The story’s star-studded cast includes Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan and David Oyelowo to name a few. The action takes place in the imaginary world created by Agatha Christie. The film puts a funny spin on the crime thriller’s backstory by telling us to take a deep breath and step back.

The play is given to the scruffy American director while he takes on the female lead. He gets into a physical altercation with her angry spouse and is killed in the process. When Inspector Stoppard arrives at the scene, he labels everyone a suspect and the theater is closed while the investigation continues.

Following its worldwide release on September 16, 2022, Darma came to light as the true culprit was discovered.

However, he also takes care of his innocent daughter Zoe while in his real life he is raising three rollicking sons. Here are some details about them that we have collected.

David Olelowo

David Oyelowo’s daughter Zoe

Zoe, the daughter of filmmaker David Oyelowo, is almost a teenager, but he hasn’t been particularly approachable with her.

The young woman avoids social media and only logs in on important family holidays like Mother’s Day.

She has royal ancestry that is little known to the public as her great-grandfather was Awe, the monarch of the state of Oyo. Since Nigerian princes are everywhere, according to her father, it’s not nearly as stunning as it seems.

Her father Stephen and his father are both from Africa and his wife is from Southern Nigeria. His family moved back to Nigeria after six years of his early childhood in England after his father was hired by the national airline.

Coming to the British Isles when he was 14, the tolerant lifestyle was replaced by a military-style boarding school.

His teacher at City and Islington College saw that he had talent and suggested he try acting because he loved the performing arts. There was no turning back so he enrolled at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to lay the foundations of the National Youth Theatre.

He began playing Shakespearean characters on stage in 1999, even taking on the role of King Henry VI. in This England: The Histories. His performances were a major turning point for the business as he dispelled stereotypes about people of color and set himself apart from the critics to silence them with his acting.

He made his directorial debut in Brighton in 2006 with his theater company, alongside his wife.

Zoe Oyelowo’s parents

Zoe Oyelowo’s parents were David Oyelowo and his wife Jessica, who met when they were teenagers in drama school and were married for over 20 years.

They celebrated their 25th anniversary as a couple, just as they did when David was a hot-blooded 19-year-old hoping, after four children and a lifetime of fun, to pursue his dream of becoming a star at the National Youth Theatre. Realizing he had a strong affection for Jessica, who was 17 at the time, he enrolled her in the same school.

At the age of 20, they were already engaged and dreamed of keeping a capable warrior.

Raised as Christians, they made the decision not to engage in any activities and to remain pure despite the ridicule and abuse of their classmates.

Her marriage journey will be greatly influenced by her faith because of the importance of maintaining her trust. Since his colleague was the best contact person for his film project, he also had doubts about his moral compass.

Hollywood marriages often end in grief and in public because of egos and extramarital affairs. They were open about their envy and made sure their spouse understood how important they were to each other.

Jessica struggled to hide her disdain when she learned she would be playing Lady Lilly Canning in his passion project The United Kingdom, and she was even more disgusted when the main character, Rosamund, clasped his hand on screen. In an interview, he said his icy tone wasn’t an act because his wife got angry when she saw the other woman grab her husband’s hands.

Also, the golden rule that keeps their sparks alive is that they never miss contact for more than two weeks.

Brothers and sister of Zoe Oyelowo

The youngest of four children — with three older brothers, Asher Yelo, Caleb Oyelowo and Penuel — Zoe Oyelowo was spoiled.

As her father admitted, one of the children commented on her ambitions to become an actor and enrolled in the same institution as him. The family of five actually lived in their mansion in Tarzana, Southern California.

Asher, the oldest of the four, has already made a name for himself as a singer with his song Mr. Misunderstood, which is available on all streaming services. With his 14,000 followers, he seems to be doing well as he attended the Dennis Pop Awards in Stockholm, Sweden in September. Despite being nominated for International Rookie of the Year, he didn’t take home the top honor.

Penuel, on the other hand, continued his father’s sense of humor by posing with odd colors and hairstyles while sorting through chocolates out of boredom.

The couple has always been interested in instilling the fundamental values ​​of prioritizing family and romantic relationships while building a body of work to maintain their self-respect.

They wanted to protect the children from the evil in the world, but they also wanted them to know that other people would not be on their side. He had to speak to his child about what could happen to marginalized people in the future after the frightening George Floy case caused chaos.

He told Oprah that he cried about the situation for weeks after realizing that if a police officer spotted him, he had no option. Being called a criminal when you hadn’t committed a crime was demeaning enough, but the challenge was getting home unharmed.

Instagram by Zoe Oyelowo

Avoiding the scrutiny and scrutiny of the media, Zoe Oyelowo is too young to be on Instagram.

She is only seen when she wants to, as she appears regularly and timely on her parents’ Instagram accounts. You can find evidence of her on her father’s account, Davidoyel, where he has 166,000 followers.

Despite only having 600 posts, he maintains a well-organized theme with highlights arranged in accordance with his most recent films.

Although his family is his first priority and his job is his heart and soul, he never forgets to wish them a happy birthday. After handing out the David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship scholarship recipients in Nigeria, his kind side showed.

Also, the husband-wife team is a perfect match as they enjoy making each other look bad by showing their affection in public. He doesn’t give them a chance to drag their legs as they especially dislike it when their parents hug and kiss them in front of them.

However, he is not afraid to show affection to his beloved as he wants to stake his territory no matter who is watching. Kelly and Ryan, the show’s hosts, agreed and were committed to the humor. He vividly illustrated how they were two consenting adults who engaged in healthy activities as he spoke about a time when his youngest walked into the room and inquired about his nighttime routine.

Angelina Jolie’s kids loved playing with Zoe Oyelowo

Perhaps Zoe Oyelowo is one of the lucky ones who can proudly say that she was friends with Angelina Jolie’s kids at the playground.

She won the money after her father, David, co-starred with him in the film Come Away. Although he was happy to house their six children, they destroyed the property.

It all started when they bonded over their big hitch at a party where they met. Conversations turned into dates as their children grew closer. As Satan’s spawn wreaked havoc in their pristine home, the actors grew closer too. She amazed him with her other side and expressed concern for her children.

He wanted to show her new side to the public, so he didn’t waste time calling her for a reading as soon as the right script came out.

Also, due to his ethnicity, it was never easy to get past the trolls who would immediately disparage any film with a strong color theme.

Without dialogue, many fantastic screenplays become dusty for decades, preventing the industry from evolving.

With historians trying to revise their script, the couple also faced some difficulties as they insisted the story was untrue.

David Olelowo
David Olelowo

Fast Facts:

SurnameZoe Olelowo
FatherDavid Olelowo
motherJessica Watson

frequently asked Questions

What nationality is Jessica Oyelowo?

Jessica Watson was born in Ipswich and spent her childhood in Suffolk, England.

Who is David Oyelowo’s wife?

He is married to actress Jessica Oyelowo, whom he met at LAMDA and with whom he has four children. They live in Los Angeles, California.

How old is David Oyelowo?

Oyelowo was born on April 1st, 1976 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England and is 46 years old.