Illinois Could Adopt New State Flag Under Proposed Law – NBC Chicago

The state of Illinois has had its current flag since the late 1960’s, but under a new proposed law, a new banner could potentially flutter over the Capitol in the coming years.

Senate Bill 1818, appropriately named since Illinois became a state in 1818, would create an Illinois Flag Commission to help develop new designs for the flag.

The measure, proposed by State Sen. Doris Turner, would lead a commission to make recommendations to the General Assembly about whether or not the flag should be replaced. If lawmakers decide to change the flag’s design, then new recommended designs would be submitted through Dec. 2024.

“Illinois is a diverse state made up of rural, urban and suburban communities known for its agriculture, strong workforce, home of Abraham Lincoln and more,” Turner said in a statement. “Our flag doesn’t show that. It’s time we have a flag that truly represents our state.”

Illinois has had two state flags, the latter of which was adopted in 1969. Both featured an eagle on a white background, with the latter flag incorporating the word “Illinois” into the design.

Turner issued a press release saying that a Senate committee passed the measure with bipartisan support, sending it to the Senate for further consideration.

Several states have recently adopted new flags, including Georgia and Mississippi, both of which designed new banners to eliminate use of the Confederate Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, otherwise known as the “Stars and Bars.”

Louisiana and South Carolina have both recently altered their designs, while Utah embarked on a lengthy process to change their state flag.

It was their procedures that inspired Turner’s bill, with a task force receiving more than 7,000 designs and 44,000 public comments before a new banner was chosen.