How to watch multiple streaming services for less


You can hunt around for bundles that combine your favorites. There’s a Disney Bundle, which can include Hulu and ESPN Plus. Depending on which channels you and include and if you want ads or not, it costs $9.99 to $19.99.

Many services also offer a free trial but you can only take advantage of these offers once, and you have to remember to cancel before the automatic payments start hitting your bank account (set a calendar reminder).

When you buy a new Apple device, it comes with three months of Apple TV Plus. Verizon offers free access to Hulu, Disney Plus or ESPN Plus to new customers on its most expensive 5G plan, and limited trials of some on its cheaper plans. Check with your cellular or internet provider for any offers, and look for trials when you purchase any new hardware. Check out other memberships you might have, such as Target Circle, which offers free Apple services including Arcade, Fitness Plus and iCloud for four months and longer.