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How NOT to peel crayfish after Louisians

Crawfish season is upon us and we’re all here to celebrate the goodness of these delicious crustaceans.

There are some golden rules when it comes to eating the tasty mud bugs, such as: B. always sucking the head and always opening the claws and getting the good meat out.

Eating crawfish takes time, but doesn’t all good things take time?

Louisians have mastered crawfish eating in record time and I am continually amazed by our skills. There are crawfish-eating contests out there that have amazed us. If you haven’t seen the Crawfish Eating Contests at the Mudbug Madness Festival, you’re missing out. How long does it take the average person to eat a crayfish?

A TikTok video has gone viral for the best reason, Louisians judge Yankees.

Someone in New England got their hands on crawfish and decided to do a tutorial on how to “properly” open them. Um, will you excuse us? where’s the spice

Watch the hilarious video of Louisians reacting below.

@dirtycoastpress #duet with @eatmycatfish #crawfish you didn’t even suck your head! Come on #crawfishboil #crawfishseason #neworleans #nola #neworleansfood #seafood ♬ Original sound – Ally The Piper

How long would it take to survive a pound of crawfish eating them at that rate?

That’s the answer none of us patiently enough figure out.

@eatmycatfish It’s basically a mini lobster, right #crawfish #crawdad #crawboil #lobster #arkansas #newengland #thisishowyoudoit ♬ Original soundtrack – Ally The Piper

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