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Has Vanishing Lorenskog season 2 been extended?

What is it, renewal or cancellation?

The Disappearance of Lorenskog is a superbly written crime story that unfolds at a deliberate pace. This semi-fictional retelling of real events does a good job of keeping things interesting throughout the season. It is based on true events. After watching all five episodes, you might be curious about the status of this show and whether or not it will continue. This is what we know:

The disappearance of Lørenskog

What exactly is the plot of The Lorenskog Disappearances?

For those who don’t know, here’s the narration: Tom Hagen, a Norwegian billionaire, was known for commuting frequently from his home in Lorenskog to his workplace in the Futurum industrial park. During his absence, his wife Anne-Elisabeth Hagen was kidnapped and held for ransom.

Things aren’t looking good considering there are obvious signs of a fight at the house as well as a letter left behind threatening to hurt or murder Anne if Tom and his family tell the police and the media to contact. In addition, the kidnappers demand that the ransom be paid in Monero cryptocurrency, which amounts to nine million euros. Only then will it be safely returned. They also make the disturbing claim that they have been following the family for some time and will know if he reports the incident to authorities.

Tom manages to get the police involved and they begin a secret investigation to find out who exactly is responsible for Anne’s disappearance and what is behind it. They do everything in their power to hide the problem from the public; However, it’s only a matter of time before they get engaged.

The show follows crime journalist Erlend as he investigates this case alongside Jorunn Lakke, an investigator determined to find out the truth about it. And get engaged.

We have extensive coverage of Lorenskog’s disappearance on our website, including a recap of the entire season and an essay discussing the conclusion. You can check them out HERE!

Has The Lorenskog Disappearances Season 2 Production Started?

At the time of writing, The Lorenskog Disappearances has not been renewed for a second season. Given the nature of the show’s material, that may very well change if things go well for Netflix, which is entirely possible.

Before deciding whether or not to continue airing a show, Netflix usually considers a number of data, such as: There are some shows, like Squid Game and Bridgerton and Irregulars, that Netflix is ​​pretty quick to give its verdict on the show’s future. It sometimes takes Netflix several months to come to a conclusion about a series’ future.

To this point, The Lorenskog Disappearances has been received very positively by audiences, and critics have generally given the production positive reviews. The slow-burning crime drama was another thing we found incredibly entertaining. Audience feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which is a welcome development in any situation.

After considering everything, we have come to the conclusion that The Lorenskog Disappearances will not order a second season on Netflix. With the case on which this story is based still ongoing and the character arcs already established in the story coming to a natural conclusion, there isn’t much room to elaborate on the final scene. Furthermore, most shows that fit this description – Scandinavian crime dramas, for example – are canceled after just one season.

As new information becomes available to us over the coming weeks and months, we will ensure that this section returns and is revised with the latest and most accurate information.

Here’s what we know about season two now

Granted, Netflix hasn’t greenlit a second season yet, there’s very little information about it at this time. As already mentioned, the conclusion does not leave much room for the development of this particular topic.

Of course, if more information about the true case is given and the characters are allowed to develop and mature, there is a possibility that the show will be extended without our knowledge. As has just been said, our best guess is that this will not be extended; In the event that new information becomes known in the future, we will make you aware of any relevant changes on this page.

The disappearance of Lørenskog
The disappearance of Lørenskog

How much of Lørenskog’s disappearance is true?

The Disappearance of Lrenskog provides a comprehensive investigation into the disappearance of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, which actually took place in Norway in 2019. When Tom Hagen returned home on October 31, he discovered that his wife had disappeared along with a ransom note that was left behind. He immediately contacted the local authorities.

The investigations were difficult to follow, as there were no signs of a break-in in the Hagen apartment building, the doors of which were hardly ever closed. After encountering various hypotheses, the police concluded that Tom Hagen may have been responsible for the kidnapping himself, as their marriage was on the verge of dissolution, which could result in him losing half his money.