Gross Creature Feature ‘The Tank’ Trailer Starring Luciane Buchanan

Gross Creature Feature ‘The Tank’ Trailer Starring Luciane Buchanan

by Alex Billington
March 9, 2023
Source: YouTube

The Tank Trailer

“It’s knows we’re here.” Well Go USA has revealed an official trailer for a new monster movie horror thriller titled The Tank, made by a New Zealand filmmaker named Scott Walker (who last directed The Frozen Ground in 2013). This will be arriving in US theaters at the end of April. After mysteriously inheriting an abandoned coastal property, Ben and his family accidentally unleash an ancient, long-dormant creature that terrorized the entire region—including his own ancestors—for generations. The film features a nasty-looking slimy monster that was designed as a practical “creature suit” by the incredible team from Weta Workshop. Starring Luciane Buchanan, Matthew Whelan, Zara Nausbaum, Regina Hegemann, Jack Barry, and Holly Shervey. The crew also features Crawl composer Max Aruj creating the score. With the tease at the beginning about axolotl, the monster seems like a giant mutant salamander – or axolotl. Looks freaky.

Here’s the first official trailer (+ poster) for Scott Walker’s The Tank, direct from YouTube:

The Tank Poster

Oregon, 1978. Ben Adams and his wife Jules are in for a surprise when they inherit an abandoned coastal property that Ben’s recently deceased mother never mentioned. Untouched for 40 years the house looms like an eerie relic over land which includes a stunning private cove and beach. The beauty and tranquility of the place leave the family with the nagging question: why was this property kept a secret for so long? While Jules rummages through the house looking for answers, Ben goes to repair the buried water tank, not knowing in doing so he is unleashing a long dormant creature, fiercely protective of its environment. The Tank is both written and directed by New Zealand filmmaker Scott Walker, director of the film The Frozen Ground previously, plus one other short. It’s also produced by Scott Walker. With practical creature FX from Weta Workshop. This hasn’t premiered at any festivals or elsewhere, as far as we know. Well Go debuts The Tank in select US theaters on April 21st, 2023, then on VOD starting April 25th this spring.

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