Governor Umahi joins race for Senate presidency

Governor David Umahi has joined the race for the next Senate president of Nigeria.

Mr Umahi made his intention known on Wednesday in Abakiliki while speaking to his state executive council members.

The governor stated that he is eminently qualified for the position, and he believes the position should be zoned to the South-East region.

“I appeal to the party’s national leadership, the president-elect, and his vice(-president-elect) to zone the Senate presidency to the South-East. They should also zone the House of Representatives speakership to the North West as these would calm frayed nerves,” stated the Ebonyi governor.

He added, “This will show Nigerians that we are on the path of total renewal of the country, which it direly needs presently.”

Mr Umahi urged the senators to discard the rule that allows only high-ranking members to contest the position of Senate president. The governor said he was presenting himself for the position believing he has significant experience in public service, amongst other experiences.

“I have been in public service for the past 16 years, and being a state governor is more complex. We have made Ebonyi totally an APC state, notching the three senatorial seats and four out of the six House of Representatives seats,” the senator-elect explained.

Mr Umahi added, “The South-East zone voted massively for the APC as I seek everyone’s prayers and support to achieve the goal. This is, however, subject to the decision of the party’s national leadership, and I will not go against such.”