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Darcey Silva's daughter Aniko parties at Vanderpump Rules restaurant amid 'Scandoval'

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Darcey Silva was seen sending her eldest daughter Aniko Bollok off to college in the latest episode of Darcey and Stacey, and judging by her Instagram, it seems like she’s having a great time despite the ‘rocky’ start on the show.

The TLC show follows the lives of Darcey and Stacey Silva, best known for their stints on 90 Day Fiance. Of course, their children are also a big part of their lives, and the milestone of Darcey’s daughter Aniko going to college was documented on the show.

We take a closer look at what Aniko Bollok has been up to since moving to college.

Who is Aniko Bollok?

Aniko Bollok is Darcey Silva‘s eldest daughter from her ex-husband Frank Bollok.

As well as featuring on Darcey and Stacey, Aniko and her sister Aspen have also starred in TLC show 90 Day Fiance with their mom and were seen giving her advice after her split from Tom Brooks in 2020.

Aniko Bollok can be found on Instagram @anibollok. At the time of writing, she has 98.8k followers on the platform.

Darcey Silva sends her daughter Aniko off to college

In the latest episode of Darcey and Stacey, we saw Aniko head off to college at The University of Arizona.

Although it seemed like Aniko didn’t get off to the best start, with her and mom Darcey ‘stinking up’ the dorm, it seems like she’s now living her best life. She has numerous pictures of her and her friends partying and ‘slaying’ on her social media, just like any normal college student.

She even saw her ‘idol’ Chantel Jeffries perform, as posted on her Facebook page.

The star’s followers have taken to Aniko’s Instagram to admire her lifestyle. “Slayyyy,” said one.

“I WANNA BE U,” claimed another.

Darcey’s eldest also took to the comments to inform her followers that she’d be DJ’ing soon. On one of her posts, a follower asked: “Are you djing?” to which Aniko replied: “soon.”

Aniko posts at Vanderpump bar

As well as all the partying in Arizona, it seems like Aniko is also partying back in Beverley Hills, at no other than one of the most talked about restaurants at the moment, SUR.

Lisa Vanderpump allegedly had her liquor license suspended at two of her main restaurants, but it seems SUR was not on the list.

Taking to her Instagram last week Aniko wrote: “on dnd” as she posed at the Vanderpump Rules restaurant.

Proud mom Darcey commented: “You’re so gorgeous! My superstar!”

Other followers took to the comments to make jokes amid the recent ‘Scandoval’ drama, with one writing: “Did you see anything exciting going on??????? Peter at least??”

It turns out Aniko did actually see Peter as she replied to the comment saying: “we saw Peter and talked to him!” Unfortunately, however, no ‘Scandoval’ tea was spilled by Darcey’s daughter.


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