Col Geeta Rana First Woman Officer to Command EME Unit Near China Border

New Delhi: Nowadays, women are not remaining backward from males as all government or private sectors are having equal involvement in women’s empowerment, and almost every time, we get someone who usually crosses all the borders at the time of achieving their goals and therefore, the society gives them a right to work with the reputed organizations. Something similar is again coming with as after an Indian army recently a woman “Col Geet Rana” cleared an examination of command EME and now will give command EME unit near China Border. Below you can get the further updates you need to know along with some unknown facts about her.

Col Geeta Rana

As per the exclusive reports or sources, her selection as a commanding officer brought a wave of great happiness among everyone, as her close ones are celebrating her victory as she had set the flag of her achievement which is amazing enough and therefore, her admirers are congratulating her for the success and sending their warm wishes to her while praying for her success in the future. Because everyone would like to see someone like her who can make their parents and entire India feel proud of her work.

Who Is Col Geet Rana?

Reportedly, Col Geet Rana alias Colonel Geeta Rana has become the first woman officer to take over the commands of ab Independent Field Workshop in a forward and remote location in Eastern Ladakh”, she belonged to the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, the post was having limited vacancies and it was indicating everything that how hard the examination was and therefore, but she cleared in a certain manner and placed on the great spot in a certain manner which is a matter of great happiness and this is the reason, when the news came out it filled everyone with the great enthusiasm.

Apart from all these, only limited information is available on her name and this is the reason, no one knows anything about her, therefore, further updates about her will take more time to come out and this is the reason, when something will come out we will update you for sure. As our team is also looking ahead to get the information but amidst all these, you do not need to chase any false narrative or rumor as uncounted ones are being circulated rapidly on the internet sites. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.