Cape Three Points Residents Want Bridge Fixed


The people of Cape Three Points in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region have called on the government to ensure the urgent repair of a dilapidated bridge linking the area and Elebonkata, including other adjoining communities in the district.

They indicated that the reconstruction of the bridge would ensure the safety of residents when they are commuting, particularly, during rainy season.

They claimed they had complained severally about the problem, yet the authorities had persistently demonstrated no commitment to fix the dilapidated bridge on that stretch of road.

A visit to the community by DAILY GUIDE revealed that the only bridge that also links Elebonkata and Chanvieli communities had deteriorated, with cracks beneath it.

It was so serious to the extent that any heavy vehicle that plies the road could easily collapse it. It was also revealed that the road network in that area was riddled with potholes and gullies, making it unsafe and difficult to use.

It was also revealed that the metal handles of the bridge had been removed.

Some of the residents lamented, “We don’t need to wait for some calamity to befall us before the authorities act.”

They asserted that companies such as the Ghana Rubber Estates Limited (GREL) and the Ghana Ports and Habours Authority (GPHA) use the bridge, and that it would be in their own interest to have the problem fixed.

“It would be in the interest of GREL and GPHA to help fix the bridge because if it collapses, it will adversely affect their operations.

“Though the two institutions cannot voluntary construct the bridges without the necessary consultations with the state, nothing stops us from engaging them on getting something done about the problem,” they pointed out.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE, the Assembly member for Cape Three Points, Paul Quaicoe noted that the Ministry of Roads and Highways had been notified on the need to get the road and the bridge fixed.

He indicated that the initial consideration for rehabilitating the road excluded the bridge, but the Member of Parliament for the area, Kojo Kum lobbied for the inclusion of all dilapidated bridges in the rehabilitation project.

He said consequently, the project was awarded on contract but appealed to the contractor to expedite action on it to help prevent any disaster.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi