Cadence sale: Organize your meds, skin care and more with these travel capsules

From your medicine cabinet to your suitcase to your gym bag, Cadence Capsules are more than meets the eye — especially once you’ve got a few on hand. And if you tend to have a hard time keeping it all together (raises hand), these colorful containers can keep you lined up with your daily meds, weekly skin care routine and more.

Best of all: Right now, the entire Cadence site is 20% off with code KYC20, so now’s a great time to get organized with these convenient Underscored-approved capsules.

The aesthetic- and practicality-driven brand offers different colorways of its small containers, which are perfectly sized to hold a few pills, a couple days’ worth of moisturizer and more. They’re also leakproof and magnetic, so they snap together to form joined-up units — each with a specific label, like for shampoo or body wash, so they’re easy to keep straight.

You can build your own set for individualized color coordination easily, or you can choose from preselected palettes. In addition to their leakproof and magnetic design, Cadence capsules are TSA-compliant too — all while reducing the eco impact of buying minis of everything.

Check out our picks below and then head online to shop the whole sale. Just use code KYC20 at checkout to take 20% off your order.

cadence the capsule

Is a half-dozen set not quite enough but a full-on 12 way too much? Just grab a singleton or two to magnet on to the rest of your Cadences. 

cadence capsule build your 6

Choose your colors and labels for this set of six, which is enough to cover the basics of your skin care routine next holiday. 

cadence capsule build your 12

Perfect for those of us who like to take our entire skin care routine on the go, these dozen containers are perfect for not just your cleanser but your a.m. serum and p.m. eye cream too. 

cadence capsule bestsellers

Don’t wanna think about what to bring? No worries. This set comes pre-labeled so you’re all ready to go ASAP. 

cadence capsules days of the week

Pacing out your daily supplements, vitamins or meds? Grab this pre-labeled set with days of the week so everything is organized day by day (perfect for when you’re bleary first thing in the morning).