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Blake Shelton enjoys a drink on The Voice and created his own vodka brand

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NBC viewers are keen to determine whether Blake Shelton drinks on The Voice and what his tipple of choice really is.

The country music star has been a judge on The Voice since the show began back in 2011.

The talent competition is now in its 23rd season and Blake is back alongside Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, and Chance The Rapper.

So, let’s find out more about whether Blake Shelton drinks on the talent show as he has publicly spoken of his feelings about alcohol in the past.

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Blake Shelton on drinking

Throwing it back many years and Blake Shelton has openly spoken about his relationship with alcohol.

The long-standing Voice judge has spoken to reporters in the past to quash rumors about him having any kind of drinking problem.

Speaking to CNN in 2011, Blake said he’s “not afraid” to be himself.

He added that his “heart and soul” is “being a redneck and drinking.”

Blake also said that “being wasted all the time,” often gets him into “trouble.”

He concluded his interview by saying that he “drinks alcohol,” adding: “I always will until I die.”

Does Blake really drink on The Voice?

Yes. Blake does enjoy a drink while on The Voice.

Taking to Twitter in 2019, Blake said that one of the questions he’s often asked is what is in his cup while he’s filming The Voice.

In response to his fans, Blake said that he was “tired” of the questions and showed the drink that he often enjoys.

Blake combined ice, vodka, and Sprite in his cup and said: “…Of course, I’m drinking alcohol tonight on the show while I’m working. Yes, get over it, all I’ve got to do is sit in a chair…”

He’s not a ‘binge drinker’

In 2014, Blake, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, and Adam Levine appeared as guests on The Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres said: “Blake likes to drink,” before the group played a drinking game on set.

He also tried sushi for the first time with Jimmy Fallon in 2016 and the two enjoyed Sake – AKA rice wine.

In 2020, Blake appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s show, and the two tasted wine. Kelly also got “tipsy” off Blake’s Smithworks vodka during the episode.

It’s clear that Blake enjoys a drink from time to time. But, he addressed any rumors about him having a drinking problem back in 2016. He sued people who were spreading such rumors in the past for $2 million.

ET Tonight reported that Blake said: “I do not drink excessively, binge drink, or drink vodka before 11 am. I do not slur my words or stumble when I drink.”


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