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Bishop Lamor Whitehead Faces New Fed Charges, Allegedly ‘Fabricated Bank Records’ To Fund N.J. Mansion

Bishop Lamor Whitehead is being charged with fraud once again. This time the allegation is tied to his New Jersey mansion, federal prosecutors charged in a new indictment Wednesday.

Lamor Whitehead Has Mortgage Wire Fraud Charge On His Hands

According to the New York Post, federal authorities are accusing the churchman of submitting “fabricated bank records” with the intention of getting a mortgage for the Paramus, N.J., property.

In order to fund the purchase, New York Daily News notes that Whitehead’s accused of making it appear as though his LLC had over $2 million “when in fact during that time period [his business] had an average ending balance of less than ten dollars.”

As a result, Whitehead—who was arrested on fraud charges back in December—was slapped with another count of wire fraud.

Lamor Whitehead Plans To Plead Not Guilty In New Fraud Case

Dawn Florio—Whitehead’s lawyer—reportedly notes that the bishop is looking to fight the accusations.

“Lamor Whitehead will be pleading not guilty when he is arraigned on the [superseding] indictment and denies those charges.”

Additionally, NY Daily News reports that during an Instagram Live on Wednesday, Whitehead is noted as issuing a warning to his haters, as he said, “You gotta be careful with touching a Bishop…If you become an enemy of God, that’s on you.” Oop!

“For everybody that’s praying for me, thank you, man. And for everyone that wish my downfall, thank you—because the Bible says that God says, ‘I’ll make your enemies your footstool.’ You gotta be careful with touching a bishop. Even if you feel like I’m not one, I am one. And if you become an enemy of God, that’s on you.”

The Bishop Is No Stranger To Controversy

This new wire fraud charge is the latest development in Lamor Whitehead’s recent saga.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Whitehead was infamously robbed at gunpoint during a livestreamed sermon back in mid-2022.

Shortly thereafter, the bishop became embroiled in a controversy tied to footage that showed him putting hands on a churchgoer. He eventually denied choking the woman, and he said that his actions were intended to protect his wife and infant son.

Then, of course, are the accusations that he scammed a parishioner out of $90K, along with allegations related to extortion and providing false statements to the FBI.

What are your thoughts on the overall situation?