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Bill Omar Carrasquillo Is Sentenced To Prison For 5.5 Years For Piracy Scheme

Bill Omar Carrasquillo, also known as Omi in a Hellcat Online, was condemned to five and a half years in jail for his role in a large-scale cable television hacking plot. Authorities confiscated his bank account, which held over $5.2 million in cash, and several other expensive cars, it was disclosed. The content author also acknowledged culpability on his YouTube account.

On Tuesday, Omi in a Hellcat was ordered to surrender his $30 million in assets, which included $6 million in cash, numerous homes throughout Philly and its environs, and a collection of expensive cars including Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys, and McLarens, among others.

The Vlogger voiced his sorrow over losing his substantial wealth in a video named Omi in a Hellcat is Guilty, saying:

“Innocence is not a justification. It’s all about taking accountability. To me, the s**t I do is selfish conduct. I’m always the unfortunate sufferer. Society is working against me. No, I would not have had this problem if I hadn’t established this business. It’s just awful. It hurts to lose my home, my assets, my money, all of my vehicles, and my jewels. It’s embarrassing.”

Bill Carrasquillo stated in another perspective titled THE FBI SEIZED EVERYTHING FROM ME that he was merely “guilty of earning money… “I’m not culpable of anything else.”

What did Bill Carrasquillo, alias Omi in a Hellcat, do?

Michael Barone of New York and Jesse Gonzalez of California have also been accused of supposedly participating in Bill Carrasquillo’s large-scale television hacking plot. The three reportedly used legal cable contracts from businesses such as Verizon, DirecTV, and Comcast and robbed them of copyright safeguards in order to broadcast the material online on Omi’s Hellcat computers. To make their scam company a success, the three used Chinese encoders.

Several clients simply paid Omi in a Hellcat and his crew a monthly $15 charge to join their unlawful streaming services, which featured athletic events as well as other programs and flicks such as Game of Thrones, Bones, and others. Carrasquillo’s business, Gears TV and Gears Reloaded achieved fame and over 100,000 users. He also earned more than $34 million in income before the probe took over in 2019.

Jason Gull, a senior attorney in the Justice Department’s Cyber Crime and Intellectual Property Division, said of Omi in a Hellcat’s offense that the defendant earned more money than “every other copyright offender I’ve ever seen.” Gull went on to say:

“The word to the broader public and Mr. Carrasquillo’s many, many supporters is that this was a major crime that should be punished severely.”

Bill Omar Carrasquillo

Carrasquillo did not contest the prosecutor’s request that he pay $11 million in reparations to cable providers and an extra $5.7 million to the IRS for failure to pay taxes during his punishment. When he is freed from jail, the Vlogger promises to concentrate on his family and legalize his business endeavors, including YouTube and other internet marketing companies.